Two Lives And Two Ways Out – Are you really ready for financial freedom?

“You are a man living two lives – one has a future and the other does not” –Smith

There are two ways in which you can live your life – only one leads to financial freedom. You can let your environment shape you and keep you in a place of lack and want, or you can create a life of abundance. You can choose to be great, or you can live an average and mediocre life. Your parents wanted you to live a good life, you know that you were not put on this earth to live in need and want – why then would you choose to live anything less than your best and most abundant life?

In the last chapter I mentioned that most people are “living out their lives oblivious”, what does this mean? It means that on a daily basis we let forces external to us (our bosses, our family, our friends, our environment) determine who we are (poor, lazy, sick, etc.) totally oblivious to the fact that within us lies the power to be great, to be healthy, to be financially independent. Read that line again “within us lies the power to be great, to be healthy, to be financially independent”, this means that you were born with everything that you need to be healthy, wealthy, and wise here and now.

Yet you allow people and things external to you to form and shape your beliefs, your thoughts, your attitudes, your actions and even your reactions. All the while you do not realize or recognize that your thoughts are not your own and are not in sync with the plan – the plan that the Universe has for you, the plan that you have for yourself.

Let’s examine the life you currently live – you have a good job, you have many of the niceties of life, you take great vacations, you mostly pay your bills on time, you love your family – and yet you feel that something is missing, that there is a place to fill that only you can fill, something to be done that only you can do; and, not knowing what this something might be, you assume that it means to get ahead you should work harder and try to be nice to your boss, get along with your co-workers, kiss your children more, whatever.

This is insanity – doing the same thing over and over with faith that this time will be different, this time the end result will be what you expected or planned, this year you will finally get that promotion, that raise, that fill-in-the-blank. This is your chosen way out – that is to say, no way out, as you continue to ride the treadmill of the same old life that you had last year and the year before that, and for all the years in memory. You’ve been down that road, you know where it leads, and at some point you have to decide to take the next exit, or you will ride it until they pry your cold dead fingers from the steering wheel.

 There is another way out, down this path financial freedom, abundance and a life worth living await you. You cannot see the signposts leading to this road until you change your mind and change your attitude. You must break the chains of fear that have enslaved you for so long, and you must open yourself to the Infinite Power inside you. The road to greatness awaits but you can only embark upon it if you think that you can.

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