It’s Fall – Let’s Eat!

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My oldest child is 30, and I don’t think there has been one moment in his lifetime whe I wasn’t on a weight loss diet or doing some fitness routine or both. I remember back in cave man days when we didn’t have VCRs and one had to exercise with Jack Lalanne or do exercises from a book; I would wake up at 4 am to get a workout in (yes seriously, from a book!) before heading to work.

I had my two oldest while I was in the Marine Corps and in each case I had 4 – 6 weeks to get back into that uniform and in good enough shape to pass a PFT (physical fitness test). After the birth of my first I waited one week or whatever it was and headed home to Mommy with baby in tow. She would promptly put me on a diet  and I would get up every morning and run around Holy Cross Cemetery  (Beverly to Schenectady, over to Snyder and down to Brooklyn Ave and back to Avenue D) at least once. I remember  that about a year after my second child was born I weighed 128lbs, I was of course disgusted and went on the very restrictive Hamptons Diet and wore one of those rubber things around my waist under my uniforms (well my cammies anyway).

As you can probably guess,  I have been alternating between avoiding  food altogether and bingeing  on the foods I love. That is just tiresome and now that it’s fall I am ready for some good eats – creamy soups, halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, and all those Christmas cakes, cookies and candies. This year I am armed with a product called Cheat (read about it for yourself here) and a determination to not deny myself anything while I eat just enough to satisfy the craving.

Today I made one of my favorite desserts (it probably cost less than $3, that’s why I say “cheap”), you can fancy it up for family gatherings by adding sour cream to the cream cheese, and topping with fruit. I also considered putting caramel in the bottom before the filling, and maybe some on top after chilling:


1 ready made graham cracker crust
1 (8 oz.) cream cheese
1/2 c. sugar
1 (8 oz.) Fat Free Whipped Topping

Blend cream cheese and sugar together until smooth. Fold in Cool Whip. Again, blend until smooth. Pour mixture into ready made crust. Chill at least 2 hours.

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Six Tips For Steady Weight Loss

weightloss1. Follow your plan to the best of your ability. Weight loss is like network marketing – being persistent and consistent (aka small actions compounded daily) will get you to your goal a lot faster than sporadic fad dieting.

2. Speaking of sporadic fad dieting,  people who have trouble losing weight are sometimes the same people who cannot finish what they start.  So if you’re going to lose weight, then you have to stop being a quitter.

3. If you cannot exercise  (though honestly, unless you are bedridden, why can’t you move something?) then make sure that you are restricting enough calories to create weight loss ( a pound or two a week is best, so eliminate 3500 to 7000 calories per week and you will lose 1 t o2 pounds)

3. Drink filtered water – it  helps to wash away all the debris from the fat that you’re burning. If you drink coffee and tea balance it with the same or more in water.

4. Eat food that you like, and do not deprive yourself. When we  go on a restrictive diet, it creates a scarcity mentality which eventually leads us to that midnight binge on the floor in front of the refrigerator – kind of like the scene in “9.5 Weeks”  but not near as sexy.

5. Remember that a ho-hum diet and a ho-hum workout are going to give you zero results.  That means get off the treadmill (or whatever else you have been doing every day at the same speed and pace) and really pay attention to your diet (try a food log or one of the online calculators). Great progress requires big changes – so shake things up a lot!

6. Stop  preparing to get ready to be prepared to start your diet or workout plan – just do it already. There is no reason to binge the night or weekend before you start – not when there are products like Cheat - and there is no reason to plan your program for a time when you think life won’t happen.  Life is always happening – lunch meetings with dessert, business trips where the hotel has no gym, a project that disrupts your meals or makes you miss a workout. If you’re going to plan then plan to be flexible and prepared for the inevitable – travel with a workout DVD, keep protein bars or shakes at the office and so on.

As always I welcome your input. What’s your diet and weight loss plan?

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Online Weight Loss Programs : Get the Help You Need Today

10501881 has a weight loss plan for every lifestyle

First I will update you on my weight loss progress so far – 5lbs gone in week one, pretty cool huh?

Online weight loss programs are a pretty good deal actually. I have tried eDiets and I still like and would recommend them to my friends and readers. I think they are probably one of the best programs.

What I liked about this program is that you aren’t stuck with one diet, you can play around until you find a diet that you can live with – whether its the food, your budget, or you want to switch to get off a plateau.

The workout plans were good too. I was working fulltime back then and I would get up an hour early to get my workout in at home, once I joined a gym, I just printed the workouts and took them with me.  You can customize the workout to your fitness level and change them out once they get boring. You also get really good information from their personal trainer.

There are two other pluses to this program –

  • a very active community where you can plug in to ongoing challenges (a great way to push yourself) and talk to and make friends with others who share your dreams ,goals, and problems.
  • the ability to “talk” to the experts about your mental or physical challenges. The program has a mindset component that is designed to help you figure out your negative behaviors and gives solutions for what you can do to change them.

Overall is a premiere online diet, fitness, and healthy living destination, offering customized diet and fitness plans with innovative support tools. The program has been ranked #1 by, Forbes magazine, and PC Magazine and  is the internet’s premiere healthy living destination. As I mentioned earlier there are over 2 diet, fitnes and healthy living plans that address special needs (they even have plans for diabetics and pople with high blood pressure), has something for everyone – including you, so what are you waiting for?
Oh, and now you can simplify even further by having your meals delivered (just like the celebrities on Celebrity Fit Club!)

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How to Lose Weight Fast: Lose Weight Fast With Me (free, easy and fun!)

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Are you trying to figure out how to lose weight fast?

Perhaps you want to look good naked for your honeymoon, or get back into your skinny jeans, or just be flirty fine at forty!  The holidays ruined the diet that I was on, and frankly I am not a long haul kind of girl. So I got to thinking about the diets that I have been on that actually helped me to lose weight fast. They had a few things in common:

  1. They were 2 weeks or less in lenght
  2. The food was inexpensive and stuff I was buying for the family anyway
  3. They were flexible
  4. You can see  results quickly

We all know that if you lose weight fast you may gain it back twice as fast, so you have to have a long range goal/plan if you want to take the weight off and keep it off. Additionally, it helps to have a buddy or two that you can diet with.  Well I don’t know your reason for wanting to lose weight fast (and I hope you will tell me), but I just got a consulting gig which means that after

being a stay at home Mom for 2 years and working in sweats and pajamas, I now have to wear clothes that haven’t touched my body since 2006 and guess what?

that’s right I look like Frosty the Snowman in everything that I have tried on. So

My First Goal

is to lose five to seven pounds in the next fourteen days.

The Plan

We (you and I) will follow only diets that are two weeks in length or less. First up is The Scarsdale Diet. In the past I have  lost as much as  30 pounds on this diet and kept it off for over two years, so I know that it works and is easy to do. This diet has a 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off plan, on our first two weeks off we will follow the Induction  Phase of the Atkins Diet ( another one that I was able to lose weight fast on).  Then we will go back on The Scarsdale Diet for 2 weeks, by which time some of you may have lost all the weight that you needed to lose and are ready for a good maintenance program. Since I have a lot to lose I will continue with Fat Smash ( or the 4 Day Diet, I haven’t read the book yet), may try the first 2 weeks of The South Beach Diet,  etc.

You may ask – since the Scarsdale Diet is so great and has a Keep Trim program for the two weeks off, why don’t we use that? Well frankly, even though the Keep Trim program does have rules, the freedom can lead to a bit of  weight gain, and I want us to experience continuous weight loss. So there is a method to my madness.

Update – I decided to stay on Scarsdale until I lose all of my weight, since it’s easy, healthy, and cost effective. Plus it works.

Getting Fit

It’s OK to lose weight fast, as long as you add an exercise component that also gets you toned and keeps you fit. All of our exercise information will be posted on the Lose Weight/ Stay Fit page. There’s exercise advice for people who don’t have time, folks who are traveling, and those who can’t do anything too strenuous. The important thing is not to slow your metabolism as you cut calories to  lose weight fast.

Let’s Get Started!

While there are daily menus to follow, I will simplify by telling you that the key to losing weight fast on the  Scarsdale Diet is to keep it simple – eat the basic breakfast, have the fruit salad luncheach day, and for dinner have meat(all visible fat trimmed,  no skin on your chicken) or fish with a vegetable or salad.  You can snack on carrots, baby carrots and celery as much as you want – since it is winter I suggest a soup with some low sodium broth, carrots and/or celery, and some salt-free seasoning, black pepper and any other seasonings that you like. You can drink the soup between meals when you feel hungry, or at night while watching TV or surfing the internet.

Also, you may find yourself experiencing some fatigue or tiredness on the diet, this can be fixed with a multivitamin. I take one that is in liquid form – because my husband is a wuss and can’t swallow big pills.

One half grapefruit -if not available,use fruits* in season
One slice of protein bread**, toasted, no spread added ( I will be drizzling a little olive oil on mine)
Coffee /tea (no sugar, cream or milk, no honey)

One half cup low-fat pot cheese or cottage cheese, mixed with One tablespoon of low-fat sour cream. Sliced fruit, all you want (eat until you are satisfied)
6 halves of walnuts or pecans or almonds or sunflower seeds, whole or chopped, and mixed with the above or sprinkled over the fruit
Coffee/tea/no-sugar diet soda of any flavor
(Tip: puree the cottage cheese & sour cream to make a whipped topping, serve over mixed fruit & top w/ chopped nuts for a “sundae”)

Shopping List, remember to eat only what you like ( I hate canned tuna, so I won’t be eating any, not that crazy about Brussel Sprouts so I may have broccoli or some other green veggie), and to stick as closely as you can to things that your family can eat also, this way you don’t go over your grocery shopping budget.

Your Shopping List

Protein Bread – Whole grain wheat, low carb.
Grapefruits  6
Assorted Fruits – whatever fruits you like, this is for your fruit salad
Lemons / Limes
Celery and Carrots or Baby Carrots (you can eat as much of these as you want each day)
Cucumbers ,Tomatoes,Lettuce (green leaf, romaine, red leaf) – basic salad fixings
Mushrooms ,Brussels sprouts ,Zucchini ,Green peppers, String beans, Spinach,
Eggplant, Yellow Squash etc for diced cooked vegetables, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower
These are optional (but are for flavoring your food) -onion, scallions, leeks, shallots,garlic,fresh or dried herbs (parsley, thyme, cilantro, basil, oregano, rosemary, ginger,chives, etc.)
Lean hamburger, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, Fish/Seafood , Steak, Canned Tuna or salmon salad
Low-fat cottage cheese
Low-fat sour cream
Assorted cheese slices ( I love sharp cheddar, provolone, swiss, get low fat choices)
walnuts or pecans or almonds or unsalted sunflower seeds
olives and a bottle of olive oil ( it’s been proven to be heart healthy ,gets rid of belly  fat, and helps you to lose weight fast)
Vegetable Broth & Low Sodium Chicken Stock (these can be homemade by saving your cooking liquids; add carrots & celery for a hot soup snack)
vinegar (balsamic, apple cider, rice wine, red wine, etc)
mustard (dijon, etc)
salt & pepper
barbeque sauce
oil-free cooking spray (olive oil pam)
artificial sweetener (splenda, equal, sweet & low,stevia)
Coffee,Tea (get Green Tea),Diet Soda


  • Cooking with herbs, seasonings, spices, grated onion, minced parsley is recommended.
  • Salt, Non-stick vegetable spray, cocktail sauce, ketchup, chili sauce & mustard are all permitted, but should be used within MODERATION.
  • Vegetables not permitted are corn, peas, potatoes, lentils and any beans, except green or waxed.
  • Where no portion is indicated, you can eat as much as you like.
    Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed.
  • Between meals you can snack on carrots, celery, and low sodium vegetable broth
  • Count your calories – they should be between 850 – 1000 a day.
  • Keep a chart and weigh yourself every day for the fourteen days – come back and share your weight loss success or vent if nothing is happenin. I’m sure we can find a tweak for you.

Here is the Basic Diet – it’s a rinse and repeat plan, meaning day 1-7 gets repeated for day 8-14; there are several variations on the diet in the book (The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet: Plus Dr. Tarnower’s Lifetime Keep-Slim Program) which is quite cheap and once you see how quickly you can take the weight off and keep it off, you will definitely want your own copy. Let’s get started on our quick fast weight loss program!

Assorted cold cuts(leftover chicken, steak, fish etc.)
Tomatoes – sliced, broiled, or stewed
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Fish or shellfish, any kind
Combination salad, any greens and vegetables as you wish
One slice protein bread toasted
Grapefruit – if not available, use fruits in season
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Fruit salad, any combination of fruits
[substitute lunch recommended – see bottom of page]
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Plenty of broiled, lean hamburger
Tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives (limit 4), cucumbers
and/or Brussels Sprouts
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Tuna fish or salmon salad (oil drained off)
with lemon and vinegar dressing
Grapefruit, or melon, or fruit in season
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Sliced roast lamb***, all visible fat removed
Salad of lettuce,tomatoes,cucumbers,celery
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
*** Can be subsituted with fish, seafood, chicken or turkey, or veg protein
Two eggs, any style (no fat used in cooking)
Low-fat cottage cheese
Zucchini, or string beans, or sliced/stewed tomatoes
One slice of protein bread, toasted
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Roast, broiled or barbequed chicken (skin and visible fat removed before eating)
Plenty of spinach, green peppers, string beans
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Assorted cheese slices (preferably lowfat)
Spinach, all you want
One slice of protein bread, toasted
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Fish or shellfish
Combination salad (any fresh vegetables desired, raw or cooked)
One slice of protein bread, toasted
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Fruit salad, any combination of fruits
[substitute lunch recommended]
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Roast turkey or chicken
Salad of tomatoes and lettuce
Grapefruit or fruit in season
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Cold or hot turkey or chicken
Tomatoes, carrots, cooked cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower
Grapefruit, or fruit in season
Coffee/Tea/Diet Soda/Water
Plenty of broiled (grilled) steak, all visible fat removed before eating; any cut of steak you wish- sirloin, porterhouse, London broil, etc.
Salad of lettuce, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes (sliced or cooked)
Brussels Sprouts

Please come back for more tips on how to lose weight fast!

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