Hair – it’s more than a musical

Understand that I am not my hair, I know that I’m so much more than that.

But let’s face it, my  hair precedes me, it’s what you can’t help but see when you look at me.

Hair is supposedly a woman’s crowning glory  and mine has tried to live up to that. The problem is I’ve never really been into the whole pamper thyself thing. I get my nails done once or twice every summer. I succumb to sporadic bouts of “must get to the beauty salon every Saturday”. And every once in a while I wear makeup.

Sometime within the past year I decided (once again) that I was going to stop putting relaxer in my hair. I used relaxers to …well, relax the curl in my hair so that I could do my wet and go thing that I’ve been doing for about 25 years now. My hair had started to do weird thing though, each day there seemed to me that there was as much of my hair on the shower floor and in my comb as there was remaining on my head. So I quit cold turkey, no winding down, no one last time for old times sake, I just stopped.

I’ve survived for almost a year now with no chemicals , but (since my hair is the first thing people see) I think my first impressions haven’t been all that great lately.  I’ve been discussing the whole natural hair thing with the girls at work, and we’ve been swapping products (which weigh my hair down or just feel kinda icky) and I see people online talking about twisting and pinning your hair at night so that you can have curly hair in the morning (which is too much work as far as I’m concerned), or buying expensive products that  will enhance one’s natural wave pattern.

If you are serious about going natural check out,,, and youtube, there are a ton of videos there that will teach you everything you never wanted to know about going natural.

Anyway, one day  my co-worker said to me (for like the 3rd or 4th time) “if I had hair like yours…” and that’s when I realized I just need to  to love the hair that God gave me, take care of it  and let it do whatever it wants to do on any given day.

Howz your head?  I’d especially love to hear from you if you’ve done the natural hair thing . And if you are very good, tomorrow I’ll give a free pattern for wide headband  (at least it will hide the gray)

Oh, I did dye my gray though , cause that just got to be really annoying. Next i’m going to try henna

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