Accidental Dry Hair Remedy – Cholesterol, egg and honey

My hair has been really dry and pouffy since my last henna because I did not have time to deep condition afterwards. I had planned to end my busy week with a greek yogurt conditioning, but I forgot to buy the Greek yogurt.
On Sunday I found a mostly used bottle of Le Kair Cholesterol (I can’t seem to find Queen Helene down here in Middle Earth) and figured I’d throw an egg and some honey in there and see what happens. I cowashed my hair with a little Pantene Pro V and then I applied my home mix, put a shower cap on and a crocheted tee shirt cap to simulate heat. I left it in for about 4 hours I think. Then I rinsed, applied sweet almond oil and my shea butter mix while putting in about 7 two strand twists.
I am sitting at my desk today, running my hand through my hair, and I can’t help but notice how soft it feels. Reminds me of the days when I used to relax my hair.
So here’s the mix:
2 large eggs
2 tablespoons honey (i’m guesstimating, I just squeezed a bunch in there)
Mix well with a spoon or fork and apply to hair.

Let me know how it works if you try it.

I Never Hated Tim Tebow

But I also don’t associate his success with my religious beliefs, ya know? Nice game yesterday young man. Had to get that out…and I have so much more to talk about. Like how grateful I am to all of my friends and customers for the phenomenal success my online shops and my offline sales had this past holiday season. And how my first Jamila Henna experience went ( I love it BTW). And of course there will be a rah rah lets get this 2012 party started right post. But all that will be after I finally finish telling you why I quit network marketing, and why I will probably never go back, and also why that shouldn’t affect your decision one way or the other.

Unfortunately before I can get to writing blog posts I have to make some more character hats for the Homegrown Decatur store (it’s at 100 Church Street in Decatur Ga, right next to the Marta station) and finish working on the latest additions to my womens (and sometimes mens) felted hats collections.

While you are waiting pop over to and take 20% off any item (even if it’s already on sale) with coupon code FBFRIENDS.

Busy is good!