My Top 5 Reasons For Getting Out Of MLM PLUS: Crochet Drawstring Bag Pattern

The following is just my personal opinion/confession and is in no way shape or form meant to be a judgement of MLM or the wonderful people who are successfully working it.

  1. I had more questions than there were answers – and I’ll leave it at that because I am not writing this post to badmouth MLM. I’m just telling you why it’s not where I want to be.
  2. I got what I came for – not every road is the end of the road, some roads are just taking you to where you really need to be. MLM taught me a lot of things and opened me up spiritually and personally. So I got what I came for and was ready to move on a long time ago.
  3. Sometimes hard work doesn’t pay off because the wrong people are getting paid – and that’s my way of saying that I wanted my hard work to pay me. As things stood I had to share my residual income (which by the by is only residual if the business you brought in is still on the books, nothing from nothing leaves nothing right?) with my sponsor, her sponsor, her sponsor and the company. I knew that if I was going to take time away from my family to make money, then I wanted us to be the major beneficiaries. Not only that but I felt that the only people really benefiting were the ones who were speakers, teachers, or had some product that network marketers could use to “explode” their business in some way. Now those guys are making money for real.
  4. I found it impossible to balance working outside the home with working from home. This was unfair to my team and anyone that I added to my team. So I just stopped trying to recruit a team or bring in any new business
  5. I made more money crocheting and I didn’t have to make any calls – plus, I could watch TV while I did it. Nuff said. Now here’s one of my first  patterns, it is untested, but makes a really cute bag:)


Hook size J

Red Heart super saver


2 strands held together chain 5 and join with sl

Color A – White

Color B – Pumpkin



Round 1- Chain 2 and 10 hdc in ring join to ch 2 with sl

Round 2- Chain 2 , 1 hdc in same stitch and 2 hdc in each hdc around join with sl to ch2

Round 3- repeat round 2

Round 4- Chain 2 , 1 hdc in each hdc around join with sl to ch2

Round 5- Chain 2 , 1 hdc in same stitch, hdc in next st *2 hdc in next st, hdc in next 2 st repeat  from * around join with sl to ch2

Round 6- Chain 2 , 1 hdc in same stitch, hdc in next 2 st *2 hdc in next st, hdc in next 3 st repeat  from * around join with sl to ch2

Round 7- This round you will reverse your work so that the right side will become the outside bottom of the bag. So turn the piece with the right side away from you and the wrong side facing you. Ch 2, working in front loop only for this row, 1 hdc in each hdc around join with sl to ch2

Round 8 -9 – Ch 2, 1 hdc in each hdc around join with sl to ch2


Now drop Color B and work the next 6 rows with Color A (1 strand only), work sc into the sc of the previous row

Round 10– Ch 2, 3 dc in next stitch (shell made,might change this),* sk 1 st, sc in next st , sk 1 st, 3dc in next stitch. Repeat from * around join with sl to ch2

Round 11-15 – Repeat round 10


At end of Row 15 drop color A, join color B

Round 16 – 21 – repeat round 10


At end of Row 21 drop color B, join color A

Round 22 – 27 – repeat round 10


Round 28 – Ch 4 (counts as tr + ch1)  2 tr in 2nd dc of next shell , *ch1, 2 tr in 2nd chain of next shell. Repeat from * around. Join with sl to top of ch 4. Fasten off


Round 29 – Join color B, ch 1, sc in each stitch around

Round 30 – Ch 1 , sc in each st around

Round 31 – Ch1 reverse sc in each stitch around. Fasten off weave in ends. NOTE: my reverse sc is – insert hook in sc, yo and pull through (two loops on hook). Turn needle 360 degrees, yo and pull through.


Handle (make 2 one in color A and one in color B)

Ch 100 or however long you want your handle to be (account for part that has to be sewn into the bag)

Round 1 – 2 dc in 4th chain from hook,* sk 1 chain, sc in next ch, sk 1 ch, 3 dc in next ch. Repeat from * around, fasten off.


Hold 2 handles together and sc in ea st around. On bottom of shells work an extra row of sc



Drawstring –  Chain 70 (or length you want drawstring to be) – dc in 3rd chain from hook and in each chain across (add beads if desired)


Sew handles to bag with whipstitch on both sides of the handle (you want it to hold). Run Drawstring through round 28 (triple crochets)


Line bag if desired.

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How Xyng Has Helped Me To Be Perfectly Clear & Get Things Done

Let me be perfectly clear, I really don’t usually use my blog for product endorsements and as you will see in an upcoming post, I have also stepped out of the MLM arena. Howsomeever (put your thesaurus down I made that one up), when I do find something good then I have to be like what’s his name from that 70’s sitcom and say “I got it, I got it and I gots to report it!”

First a little background – I’m a web developer or programmer or whatever they call the people who create the stuff you use every day to get your job done and get on with your life – my official title is “consultant”. My job requires sometimes making a size 6 shoe fit a size 10 foot, what I mean by that is that clients will purchase a piece of software and then expect me to make it do things that it was not intended to do.  And that’s OK, as one of my project managers puts it “That’s why they’re paying us”.  As you can imagine, I sometimes find myself gnawing on the problem of how to get that big foot into that little shoe for days on end – you get the toes to fit and the heel pops out, heels are in but the big toe pokes a hole in the front, you know what I mean.

In addition to my day job, I am a serial entrepreneur who is currently trying to grow her handmade items business. Handmade requires energy and clarity – these hats and bags and capes and shawls just ain’t going to crochet themselves!

Enough about me, let’s talk about what Xyng has done for me (sorta stole that one from Beaches-:). I’ve been working on a project  for the past month, that just seems to be my Waterloo, none of the features have ever been implemented before and everything that could go wrong etc etc.  Yesterday I was found myself so close to the finish line, just one last little issue to tackle and I’d be done. I just knew I could fix it by lunchtime and move on to something else; unfortunately, lunchtime came and went and I was still stuck. I was so frustrated I screamed at my project manager and then – frustrated and embarrassed – I went out to the bathroom and had a little cry. Well of course that didn’t help, by 2:30 I was no closer to a solution and I was falling asleep sitting up!

I hated to take a Xyng so late in the day because of that hours long burst of energy thing,  but felt that I had no choice. By 2:45 the Xyng had kicked in and …holy crap, how did I miss that?!? I found my problem, fixed it, tested it three ways from Sunday and was on my way home by 3:40.

Now this has happened to me before, I take a Xyng, I get a lot of energy and I get stuff done (it really powers up my workouts and turns me into a one-woman house cleaning machine!). But it wasn’t until yesterday that I put two and two together and realized that it wasn’t an anomaly and that  Xyng really does clear the fog out of my brain and helps me to find solutions too!

So there is my little Xyng testimonial, but more than that, it’s just me telling you that if you’ve got things that need doing, you probably ought to give Xyng a try. My hubby the Woodchuck will be happy to send you a free sample, just email him at and tell him I sent you.

You can learn more about Xyng at

You can view my handmade products on ETSY

And you can read about why I didn’t put any links in my post here

Oh Yeah and when I got home I made a shawl and two hats

Strawberry Fields Capelet

Strawberry Fields Capelet

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The Real Truth About Network Marketing – The More You Fail, The More You Will Succeed

“To think what you want to think is to think Truth, regardless of appearances” – Wallace D. Wattles

momentum is everythingIt’s going to happen to you (if it hasn’t already), whether it’s a phone call  or a face to face  with a network marketer, or maybe you will attend a local meeting  of a network marketing company.  The person who prospects you will tell you about Suzy Q the homemaker who just wanted to make $400 extra a month to help her hardworking husband with the bills, who threw herself into network marketing  and it was so hard that she almost gave up! But she kept at it and today she is a six-figure earner! And then there’s Jimmy Z, everyone knows about Jimmy, he started way back when before Al Gore invented the Internet and he built a multi-million dollar business by doing meetings in McDonald’s and grocery store aisles!

If you go to a local meeting Suzy, Jimmy and their friends will be paraded across the stage and they will each tell their story and they will cry genuine tears – because it was hard and everyone laughed at them and said it couldn’t be done – and they did it anyway! At this point you will be crying too as you fill out the form being handed to you.

When all is said and done you have joined a new business opportunity, you are pumped, you are ready to change your life, you are going to eliminate all of your debt in the next 12 months! You’re so danged excited that it’s hard to sleep some nights, I mean after all you are going to be earning six figure by this time next year – imagine that!

But wait – did you not hear the disclaimer, did you miss the part about :

1. Results not being typical and

2. And the fact that it can  take a lot of years, tears and hard work for the average Joe to succeed

Yes, yes, in your excitement you totally missed where Jimmy said that he talks to folks in parking lots (that’s gauche and yo don’t plan to do that and anyway you just got this email from some MLM guru guy who for just $1197.00 is going to show you howto earn 10K per month by this time next month).  You didn’t miss the part about two to ten years to that six-figure income because that’s for average people and you plan to be Suzy Q the one who did it in a year, heck if she can do it so can you!

So  (totally ignoring all the training you are receiving from your team about investing time rather than money at the front end)  you buy expensive leads, take out expensive ads, and do that guru program and you check your back office and bank account daily to see if you’ve signed up  a thousand distributors and made any progress towards your 10K.  Well that’s just exhausting isn’t it?

And when you realize that you’ve invested more than you’ve made, well that’s when you start to throw up the “Obstacles To Your Own Success”:

1. You begin to find fault with your upline – after all he brought you in, he gets paid off you every month,why isn’t he helping you?  Why doesn’t he provide you with leads or do calls for you so you can watch TV in peace?  And he probably doesn’t even make as much as he said. What a loser, he’s just using you…..

2. You begin to find fault with your company, product or team and you disconnect – you don’t listen to training calls, you don’t attend events, you think the product or service is too expensive or doesn’t work….

3. You become cynical about network marketing – after all everywhere you look on the internet they say 97% fail, and you probably have to get in at the beginning to be successful, and maybe it really is a scam….

So where are you right now? Are you reaching for the stars or are you throwing up obstacles?

* disclaimer- Al Gore did not invent the Internet

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Creating Leaders In Your MLM Business

3D Team Leadership Arrow Concept
Image by lumaxart via Flickr

Have you ever wondered why two people who are given the same opportunity, the same leadership, the same financial and personal situation, access to the same knowledge,  do not achieve the same level of success?  Given that two people can have the same training and the same level of commitment – why does one end up as a top earner, while the other flounders and maybe even quits the business?

Are succesful network marketers just  natural born leaders?  Maybe some of them are, I am sure that that natural born leaders exist in MLM to the same extent  and in the same proportion that they exist in the rest of the world. But what I really think is that to be a successful entrepreneur (and that’s the mindset that you must have if you are in MLM) you have got to cultivate leadership in yourself and your team. I’ve heard  people say that to be successful you have to go out and find some leaders, I disagree, I think that you have to find some people who are interested in being leaders.

So once you have found a couple of good people, what’s next?  Well when I first started in network marketing I thought that I should coddle people, show them everything I know, hold their hands and guide them through the training , help them to build their team- man, imagine my level of pisstivity (no that’s not a word but it does explain that feeling) when people that I spent hours each day training and assisting would just quit without a word. Here today bugging the crap outta me and then gone, baby, gone.

Well that wasn’t a good strategy. So what about if I just bring people into the business, point them to the training site  and give them my number in case they have questions?  Unfortunately, that only works for the “motivated self-starter”, everyone else feels isolated , on their own, and a little bit taken in  (meaning they’re just another notch on your lipstick case).

Then I took a closer look at the true leaders that I knew or had known and I realized that they had several common traits:

  1. They struggled – not one single overnight success in the bunch. They went through some things.
  2. They came to believe in self development – they read a lot, go to seminars,  and listen to books on tape/cd.
  3. They persisted –  they went through some things but kept going anyway.
  4. They felt alone – The person who signed them did not do their business for them

Bottom line is that the bald eagle may have it right, the parents do everything for their young initially, but then they leave them to fend for themselves. I think that those members of your team who survive the “fend for yourself ” stage of their development, will become your leaders.  And those who whine about a lack of support from their upline will never find that ” secret door to success”.

What do you think? Are leaders born or made? How do you create leaders in your organization?

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Looking for a Hand Up not a Handout? Try a Work at Home Job

Not everyone wants to do internet marketing ,MLM, or affiliate marketing. I once had a prospect tell me  “Look, I need a pay check, I want something where I work, and somebody gives me check at the end of the week “. Well have no fear, I am here to help you, not scam or hurt you:)

Here are some of the jobs that you can do from the comfort of your kitchen table:

Virtual assistant is basically a  secretarial or administrative/executive assistant type of  gig. You may be asked to do anything from answer a forwarded phone to creating a financial spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation.

Article or eBook writer – network and internet marketers  often need someone to ghost write their articles and ebooks. You’re usually given guidelines to wrk from.

Web Developer/programmer – people want websites, blogs set up, some change to their site that they do not know how to do etc.

Customer Service – you know when you are watching those infomercials and they say call within the next 15 minutes and…? well you could be one of the reps that gets called. These jobs usually require a quiet place to work and a landline (no VOIP or Cell phones).

Places to look for work (some companies may charge a small fee for a drug test or background check, but they are legitimate):

Bid for VA, writing, and technical gigs at:

For a customer service type job :

Please feel free to leave a comment if you kow of other work at home companies or email the info to me at

Thanks, and good luck!

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Affiliate Marketing | What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is the practice of paying other people (affiliates) to market your business and/or products.

Affiliates are paid to get visitors to your website or sales of said products.  It’s up to the affiliate to build a marketing and advertising campaign around the product.

There are also affiliate programs where you can create a downline and are paid a bonus for your downline activity. Affiliate marketing is attractive because:

  1. there is NO COST to get started
  2. the company provides banners, text ads and other market materials
  3. you don’t have to buy, store, or ship a product
  4. the company provides customer service so your obligation ends when the buyer clicks your link

There are many ways to become an affiliate. and both offer programs. To locate lots of different companies that need affiliates for a product launch or a seasonal promotion, go to comission junction ( The last option is a company that pays for bringing in affiliates and marketing their products, SFI marketing group is a good example of this.

Once you have selected a product you can advertise it on a blog, a website that you build for that specific product, and also articles that you write  about the product in which you will provide a link back to your website or blog.  On your blog or website you want to place product reviews and testimonials as well as offer any accessories that go with the product. If you have money and understand pay per click advertising , I recommend using PPC to market your product also.

To be successful at affiliate marketing you need to understand keywords and Search Engine Optimization. Mark Ress, an internet marketer, is giving great FREE training over at all year long.

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