Entrecard Top Droppers & What I’m Lovin Right Now

courtesy of Entrecard

courtesy of Entrecard

Is it the end of the month already? Does time move faster once you hit age 30? Anything is possible:)

First off, I’m psyched that  Re over at Bad Gals Radio reviewed my site and liked it so much she did an interview too, gotta love that. Here is what Re had to say about me:
“Originating in the Caribbean and growing up in New York; Denises’ sensibilities are current to the mood of today. she’s down to earth, thoughtful, forthright, Funny and an all around enjoyable read. I put her in the Gratitude Column, when I size up blogs. when you got it, you can share it. Denise Does in Each Blog.

4 Tips to Help You Keep The Faith While You’re Losing Everything Else is One of Our Favorites. We’ve sent this article to friends who’ve cried about foreclosures and layoffs; and they always say the same thing we did when we read it – Great Advice, in faith and functionality. no hellfire and brimstone, just a straight shooter calling out the options, clearly – so you can make the right choices in a time of stress.”

Bad Gals Radio is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get until the page opens. Today’s topic is quite sad, go take a look. And look for me to do an interview with the blogger who never sleeps sometime in the near future.

The next site I am loving right now is Rantings of a Mad Rodent he is a straight shooting son of a gun with a dirty mouth, chances are that in the middle of laughing at what he’s saying, you might realize that he’s probably right.

I also want to give props to my buddy Scott over at  Real Estate Investing Blog who is just such a go getter. Check out his social marketing package in the Entrecard market.

Now for some link love for my February  top droppers:

Parental Instincts 30
Comedy Plus 27
The Fashion Lovers 24
Speak Wealth Now! 24
Learning How To Make Money Online 23
_el@i_ 21
Article Marketing Methods 19
how much love 19
Lottery Power Picks News/Blog 19
Guy in Love 19
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Looking for a Hand Up not a Handout? Try a Work at Home Job

Not everyone wants to do internet marketing ,MLM, or affiliate marketing. I once had a prospect tell me  “Look, I need a pay check, I want something where I work, and somebody gives me check at the end of the week “. Well have no fear, I am here to help you, not scam or hurt you:)

Here are some of the jobs that you can do from the comfort of your kitchen table:

Virtual assistant is basically a  secretarial or administrative/executive assistant type of  gig. You may be asked to do anything from answer a forwarded phone to creating a financial spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation.

Article or eBook writer – network and internet marketers  often need someone to ghost write their articles and ebooks. You’re usually given guidelines to wrk from.

Web Developer/programmer – people want websites, blogs set up, some change to their site that they do not know how to do etc.

Customer Service – you know when you are watching those infomercials and they say call within the next 15 minutes and…? well you could be one of the reps that gets called. These jobs usually require a quiet place to work and a landline (no VOIP or Cell phones).

Places to look for work (some companies may charge a small fee for a drug test or background check, but they are legitimate):

Bid for VA, writing, and technical gigs at:

For a customer service type job :

Please feel free to leave a comment if you kow of other work at home companies or email the info to me at dporter966@ameriplan.net.

Thanks, and good luck!

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6 Ways to Use “The Golden Rule” When Networking & Prospecting

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I remember kindergarten like it was yesterday, don’t you? I was petrified, didn’t know why my father had abandoned me by leaving me with a bunch of strangers.Eventually I made a lot of friends, learned to love my teacher (she was my aunt, it was a small town in a small country), figured out that I had to either stay away from the bullies or befriend them. And like 5 year old children in kindergarten classes around the world, I learned The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. We even sang a song about it just to really get it into our heads-:)

That first day of kindergarten feeling of absolute fear is one that we all experience from time to time in; whether it’s at a networking event of some sort, a business meeting, or just picking up the phone to call on prospective network marketing associates.  Why are you fearful when placed in a situation where you must present your business opportunity, product or service to a stranger? Think about it, do you think that your business opportunity is a scam? Do you believe that your products and services are overpriced or don’t work as advertised? Of course you don’t, so quit wearing disbelief  like a cheap suit and those fears will dissipate.

How can you utilize the Golden Rule in your business and life? I love the movie “Beaches” , I especially love this line from Bette Midler because it really describes a specific networking style

“Well enough about me, lets talk about you, what do you think about me?”

  1. Never, ever , ever begin or end a conversation by talking about yourself, your opportunity, or your product. Your conversation should be about the person that you are speaking with. You want your prospect to walk away from your conversation with the feeling that YOU really care about HIM. So FOCUS on HIM, do not interject yourself into any part of the conversation.
  2. Ask questions that  require  more than a Yes/No answer. For example: How did you get started in your business? What do you enjoy most about being a stay at home Mom? Wow That’s a great suit, where did you get it?
  3. Try to go at least 3 deep on each question (but only if the conversation lags, don’t cut them off to ask the next question). So for the firs questions above your three deep may look like this:
    • How did you get started in your business?
    • What do you enjoy most about what you do?
    • What’s your least favorite part of what you do?
    • What advice would you give to someone just getting started in your business? (note that these questions also work as followups to to the stay at home Mom question: what advice would you give to someone who wants to quit working and stay at home with her children?)
  4. If your prospect gives short answers , then ask questions that take a part of their answer and extend the conversation. Prospect:  “I love being here when my kids get home from school” You:”When your kids get home from school?” Prospect: “Yeah, they used to come home to an empty house, and now I’m here to help with homework, run them around to soccer, and ballet classes” You: “Soccer and ballet classes? “
  5. Ask not what your prospect can do for you, instead ask what you can do for your prospect. As network marketers we tend to want to cut right to the chase, put our opportunity on the table and if they don’t enroll we say “NEXT”.  But remember your prospective associate? Sure you may have something they need, but maybe right now they cannot  A) see it or   B)afford it. That does’t mean that they won’t see it, afford it and get into it with you in the future, but in the meantime you need to find out what you can do for them by asking the question “What can I do for you?” or “How can I identify a good prospect for your business?”
  6. That last one kind of threw you for a loop didn’t it? You’re thinking “What?!? Why would I want to find prospects for someone else?” OK, let’s revisit the olden Golden Rule and the Law of Reciprocity – it is a universal law that we get back what we give out. Give of yourself  with no expectation of a return on your investment , and simply because you enjoy helping people to be happy and successful, and the universe will bless you – this I can attest to.

Who can I help today?

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Affiliate Marketing | What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is the practice of paying other people (affiliates) to market your business and/or products.

Affiliates are paid to get visitors to your website or sales of said products.  It’s up to the affiliate to build a marketing and advertising campaign around the product.

There are also affiliate programs where you can create a downline and are paid a bonus for your downline activity. Affiliate marketing is attractive because:

  1. there is NO COST to get started
  2. the company provides banners, text ads and other market materials
  3. you don’t have to buy, store, or ship a product
  4. the company provides customer service so your obligation ends when the buyer clicks your link

There are many ways to become an affiliate.  Amazon.com and Walmart.com both offer programs. To locate lots of different companies that need affiliates for a product launch or a seasonal promotion, go to comission junction (cj.com). The last option is a company that pays for bringing in affiliates and marketing their products, SFI marketing group is a good example of this.

Once you have selected a product you can advertise it on a blog, a website that you build for that specific product, and also articles that you write  about the product in which you will provide a link back to your website or blog.  On your blog or website you want to place product reviews and testimonials as well as offer any accessories that go with the product. If you have money and understand pay per click advertising , I recommend using PPC to market your product also.

To be successful at affiliate marketing you need to understand keywords and Search Engine Optimization. Mark Ress, an internet marketer, is giving great FREE training over at ressonomics.com all year long.

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Having Good Posture Will Greatly Improve Your Network Marketing Prospecting

Image by <a href=So what’s this posture thing that network marketing trainers and gurus all talk about? Is it the way you stand? The way you sit? Does it mean that you should smile more and  talk less, or should you talk more and smile less? Do you need posture in all forms of sales prospecting,  or do you only need it when prospecting face to face?

While ” posture” can be defined as the way that you present yourself to a prospect or customer, it actually goes deeper than that. You see your posture is defined by the strength of your belief in yourself , your opportunity, and your product or service.  The stronger your belief, the greater your posture and the more likely you are to close the deal – whether that is adding a new business partner to your down line  or creating a long term relationship with a customer.  And yes, bad posture is evident even over the phone, so you need it even when people can’t see you.

I’ll make this quick, what does a weak belief system look like, feel like, smell like, taste like?  Your belief system is weak and your posture is possibly nonexistent if

you secretly believe that everyone in network marketing who is making money knows something that you don’t

you subscribe to every network marketing trainer/guru product that comes with the tagline “explode your business!” While, you should strive to learn more about network marketing, your own upline will tell you not to spend a fortune until you’ve made one.

you are afraid to pick up the phone to make initial or follow up calls

you’re depressed or disturbed by rude people and people who hang up on you

GET OVER YOURSELF! Any successful network marketer will tell you that the secret is… that there is no secret! You work hard, you utilize the system provided to you, you tweak your ads, your website, your videos, your blog, your presentation as often as necessary, you persist and eventually you break through to success.

You have to know that what you are offering will improve/enhance/change the life of the person to whom you are speaking. You also have to know that 8 out of 10 people are not ready for and do not want a change. You have to accept that that’s OK and when they are ready you will probably be the first to know. If you understand that you will suck rocks before you become the superstar that you are destined to be, then you’ll be alright.

Why Didn't You Call Me?
Image by bitzcelt via Flickr

Here’s the serenity prayer just in case:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

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Five Reasons To Add Blog Advertising To your Marketing Mix


In the past when we thought of advertising online or marketing a business we would usually consider pay per click or some other mode of advertising that required a hefty marketing budget. The past few years has seen growth in a new medium “blogs”. The Beijing Olympics and the Presidential Election really proved the power and influence of the blogosphere as a global information source.

With this extensive growth in the sheer numbers of people blogging and consuming blog content comes a challenge – how to utilize this medium to bring the masses to your site to view your content, services, or products. That’s where  Paying Post comes in. Paying Post is a blog advertising service that brings bloggers and advertisers together to create a win-win situation.

What’s really great about blog advertising is:

  1. Your “advertisement”  is a post written by a blogger who already has an audience.
  2. It’s actually difficult to tell a real post from an advertising post because of the way the content is presented, so blog advertising is actually quite subtle.
  3. You can put your new or existing product in front of millions of people daily for less than a monthly newspaper ad in a major city like Los Angeles would cost you.
  4. Blog advertising provides access to a global audience; imagine trying to market a new product to the entire world on a start-up’s  budget – almost impossible and would take years.
  5. You still have control over your advertising “content” and are able to increase your business in weeks or months rather than  years simply because your advertising reach is greater and your advertising medium (the blogger) already has a trust relationship with your target market.

Whether you are looking to monetize your blog or stretch your advertising budget and market reach, Paying Post provides an easy to use system that is blogger and advertiser friendly. They recently changed their layout to make finding information easier and it’s also kinda pretty, the whole blue skies /green earth thing.

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