Marketing to Friends & Family – How to Stay Out Of The NFL

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What if you found a great product that you wanted to introduce to your family and friends , but realized that you couldn’t, because they would see you coming (and run the other way!)? Chances are that back when you started your first network marketing business, you initially pitched your family and friends on everything. So what have they done? They have tuned you out when it comes to network marketing opportunities and products.

It’s not your fault, most network marketing training initially focuses on the warm market, (even the top network marketing companies still teach this) what they don’t tell you is that this will place you in the NFL. And I don’t mean National Football League; NFL stands for No Friends Left when it comes to anything having to do with your business or products. This is not a place that you want to be; so how do you avoid it?

There is a better way to market to friends and family that will have them eagerly building your business for you. Kim Klaver wrote a great piece called Friends, Lies, and Network Marketing in which she offers twelve tips for keeping your friends and family in your corner and providing you with network marketing leads:

1. Don’t mislead your friends by introducing your product or business as if you were recommending a restaurant or movie.
2. Warn them up front that you’re selling what you’re going to talk about.
3. Don’t ask your friends to buy. Ask for a referral instead. [THIS IS HUGE!!!]
4. Don’t ask your friends to sell. Ask for a referral instead. [AGAIN,THIS IS MAJOR!!!]
5. Lead with your own hot button.[This goes back to the Law of attraction – you attract what you are. So those who are passionate about the same thin that you are passionate about will be drawn to you.]
6. Story replaces pitch. [Facts tell and stories sell – has anyone ever put you to sleep talking about their work? well don’t be that person]
7. No promises, no problems.[If network marketing was easy, everyone would do it, so don’t tell that lie to family and friends – these people love you, love them back.]
8. Enthusiasm sells. Hype and hounding don’t.
9. Recommend the smallest package,like a prudent advisor would.
10. Skip the therapy.They didn’t ask for it and won’t pay you for it.[As much as you want to save a friend who is deep in debt or a sister who is overweight, let it go if they don’t see the vision. Spend time with like-minded folks who are going to get you to your multiple comma income]
11. Use multiple venues to tell your story. [Network marketing tip: do what fits your budget,don’t spend more on advertising than you’ve made in your business]
12. Women: Stay in your comfort zone. Your natural ways are working in today’s skeptical marketplace.

You can find Kim’s manifesto at

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This Product Sells Itself & Other Marketing Myths

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I want a nickel for every time that I’ve been told “This product sells itself”. It wouldn’t bother me so much if there weren’t such a proliferation of advertising across the Interwebz about opportunities where the product or service is so necessary to everyday living that , well it just jumps out of the cases in your garage and into the waiting arms of consumers across America.

It got me to thinking ,  food is a bare necessity but my local supermarket has to send a sales paper to get me in there to make a purchase, so food doesn’t sell itself.  Clothing is a necessity,and again if there isn’t a sale on, don’t look for me at the mall. Shelter, now there’s a necessity, and we all know what happened to the US housing market over the past two years or so.  So if the bare necessities don’t sell themselves, then obviously nothing else will either.

Everything is about selling. Getting a good job is all about making a sales call on a recruiter or manager and hoping that you close the sale  and walk away hired. Keeping a job means selling your personality and skills daily to people that you may or may not even want to be around -but you’ve got to pay the bills for all the crap you’ve been sold on. When you met your spouse you had to sell him or her on You, if you’re single and looking then chances are you are selling every time you go on a date or meet someone new.

Life my friend, is a sales call. What am I really saying though? I am saying that  if you want to get into network marketing or internet marketing, by all means do it, there is so much income potential in these two areas. But don’t fall for the okey doke, if someone tells you that you can make 20k a month starting tomorrow, while you sleep and your turnkey system does all the work — well if you believe them that’s on you.

You can become a successful marketer with ease (and that ease is all in your head, it’s your mindset that dictates the level of  “ease”),  but you can’t become one by being lazy, or waiting for the guy who signed you up to do the work for you, or reading books that teach strategies which you never implement. Nor can you become one if you don’t want your information on the internet and refuse to use social media tools, or are afraid to pick up the phone and actually talk to other humans about your product, service or opportunity.

This product doesn’t sell itself, you do — so get to work.

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Having Good Posture Will Greatly Improve Your Network Marketing Prospecting

Image by <a href=So what’s this posture thing that network marketing trainers and gurus all talk about? Is it the way you stand? The way you sit? Does it mean that you should smile more and  talk less, or should you talk more and smile less? Do you need posture in all forms of sales prospecting,  or do you only need it when prospecting face to face?

While ” posture” can be defined as the way that you present yourself to a prospect or customer, it actually goes deeper than that. You see your posture is defined by the strength of your belief in yourself , your opportunity, and your product or service.  The stronger your belief, the greater your posture and the more likely you are to close the deal – whether that is adding a new business partner to your down line  or creating a long term relationship with a customer.  And yes, bad posture is evident even over the phone, so you need it even when people can’t see you.

I’ll make this quick, what does a weak belief system look like, feel like, smell like, taste like?  Your belief system is weak and your posture is possibly nonexistent if

you secretly believe that everyone in network marketing who is making money knows something that you don’t

you subscribe to every network marketing trainer/guru product that comes with the tagline “explode your business!” While, you should strive to learn more about network marketing, your own upline will tell you not to spend a fortune until you’ve made one.

you are afraid to pick up the phone to make initial or follow up calls

you’re depressed or disturbed by rude people and people who hang up on you

GET OVER YOURSELF! Any successful network marketer will tell you that the secret is… that there is no secret! You work hard, you utilize the system provided to you, you tweak your ads, your website, your videos, your blog, your presentation as often as necessary, you persist and eventually you break through to success.

You have to know that what you are offering will improve/enhance/change the life of the person to whom you are speaking. You also have to know that 8 out of 10 people are not ready for and do not want a change. You have to accept that that’s OK and when they are ready you will probably be the first to know. If you understand that you will suck rocks before you become the superstar that you are destined to be, then you’ll be alright.

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Here’s the serenity prayer just in case:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

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