Creating Leaders In Your MLM Business

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Have you ever wondered why two people who are given the same opportunity, the same leadership, the same financial and personal situation, access to the same knowledge,  do not achieve the same level of success?  Given that two people can have the same training and the same level of commitment – why does one end up as a top earner, while the other flounders and maybe even quits the business?

Are succesful network marketers just  natural born leaders?  Maybe some of them are, I am sure that that natural born leaders exist in MLM to the same extent  and in the same proportion that they exist in the rest of the world. But what I really think is that to be a successful entrepreneur (and that’s the mindset that you must have if you are in MLM) you have got to cultivate leadership in yourself and your team. I’ve heard  people say that to be successful you have to go out and find some leaders, I disagree, I think that you have to find some people who are interested in being leaders.

So once you have found a couple of good people, what’s next?  Well when I first started in network marketing I thought that I should coddle people, show them everything I know, hold their hands and guide them through the training , help them to build their team- man, imagine my level of pisstivity (no that’s not a word but it does explain that feeling) when people that I spent hours each day training and assisting would just quit without a word. Here today bugging the crap outta me and then gone, baby, gone.

Well that wasn’t a good strategy. So what about if I just bring people into the business, point them to the training site  and give them my number in case they have questions?  Unfortunately, that only works for the “motivated self-starter”, everyone else feels isolated , on their own, and a little bit taken in  (meaning they’re just another notch on your lipstick case).

Then I took a closer look at the true leaders that I knew or had known and I realized that they had several common traits:

  1. They struggled – not one single overnight success in the bunch. They went through some things.
  2. They came to believe in self development – they read a lot, go to seminars,  and listen to books on tape/cd.
  3. They persisted –  they went through some things but kept going anyway.
  4. They felt alone – The person who signed them did not do their business for them

Bottom line is that the bald eagle may have it right, the parents do everything for their young initially, but then they leave them to fend for themselves. I think that those members of your team who survive the “fend for yourself ” stage of their development, will become your leaders.  And those who whine about a lack of support from their upline will never find that ” secret door to success”.

What do you think? Are leaders born or made? How do you create leaders in your organization?

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Having Good Posture Will Greatly Improve Your Network Marketing Prospecting

Image by <a href=So what’s this posture thing that network marketing trainers and gurus all talk about? Is it the way you stand? The way you sit? Does it mean that you should smile more and  talk less, or should you talk more and smile less? Do you need posture in all forms of sales prospecting,  or do you only need it when prospecting face to face?

While ” posture” can be defined as the way that you present yourself to a prospect or customer, it actually goes deeper than that. You see your posture is defined by the strength of your belief in yourself , your opportunity, and your product or service.  The stronger your belief, the greater your posture and the more likely you are to close the deal – whether that is adding a new business partner to your down line  or creating a long term relationship with a customer.  And yes, bad posture is evident even over the phone, so you need it even when people can’t see you.

I’ll make this quick, what does a weak belief system look like, feel like, smell like, taste like?  Your belief system is weak and your posture is possibly nonexistent if

you secretly believe that everyone in network marketing who is making money knows something that you don’t

you subscribe to every network marketing trainer/guru product that comes with the tagline “explode your business!” While, you should strive to learn more about network marketing, your own upline will tell you not to spend a fortune until you’ve made one.

you are afraid to pick up the phone to make initial or follow up calls

you’re depressed or disturbed by rude people and people who hang up on you

GET OVER YOURSELF! Any successful network marketer will tell you that the secret is… that there is no secret! You work hard, you utilize the system provided to you, you tweak your ads, your website, your videos, your blog, your presentation as often as necessary, you persist and eventually you break through to success.

You have to know that what you are offering will improve/enhance/change the life of the person to whom you are speaking. You also have to know that 8 out of 10 people are not ready for and do not want a change. You have to accept that that’s OK and when they are ready you will probably be the first to know. If you understand that you will suck rocks before you become the superstar that you are destined to be, then you’ll be alright.

Why Didn't You Call Me?
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Here’s the serenity prayer just in case:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

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