Now Let Me Make This Clear: FREE SHIPPING all week in my ETSY Shop

For some odd reason, folks just love the idea of free shipping – even more thanĀ  a 10, 20 or 30% discount!
But what I need to make clear is that when I say FREE SHIPPING, I don’t mean that I will wrap your package in brown paper and ship it media mail on a slow boat through China {True story, I ordered a book from someone in California and it took a month to arrive! I’m assuming that it went through China}.

Priority Mail


Free or not all of my items ship Priority Mail, sure it costs more , but it’s fast, I can track your package easily, and gosh darn it – you are worth it.
So head on over to and get in on this FREE SHIPPING promo before Saturday.

Once your order has gone through look for an email from me offering you 35% off all items in the store (if you do it fast you also get the free shipping on top of your deep discount).
What are you waiting for? Christmas?

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