This Product Sells Itself & Other Marketing Myths

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I want a nickel for every time that I’ve been told “This product sells itself”. It wouldn’t bother me so much if there weren’t such a proliferation of advertising across the Interwebz about opportunities where the product or service is so necessary to everyday living that , well it just jumps out of the cases in your garage and into the waiting arms of consumers across America.

It got me to thinking ,  food is a bare necessity but my local supermarket has to send a sales paper to get me in there to make a purchase, so food doesn’t sell itself.  Clothing is a necessity,and again if there isn’t a sale on, don’t look for me at the mall. Shelter, now there’s a necessity, and we all know what happened to the US housing market over the past two years or so.  So if the bare necessities don’t sell themselves, then obviously nothing else will either.

Everything is about selling. Getting a good job is all about making a sales call on a recruiter or manager and hoping that you close the sale  and walk away hired. Keeping a job means selling your personality and skills daily to people that you may or may not even want to be around -but you’ve got to pay the bills for all the crap you’ve been sold on. When you met your spouse you had to sell him or her on You, if you’re single and looking then chances are you are selling every time you go on a date or meet someone new.

Life my friend, is a sales call. What am I really saying though? I am saying that  if you want to get into network marketing or internet marketing, by all means do it, there is so much income potential in these two areas. But don’t fall for the okey doke, if someone tells you that you can make 20k a month starting tomorrow, while you sleep and your turnkey system does all the work — well if you believe them that’s on you.

You can become a successful marketer with ease (and that ease is all in your head, it’s your mindset that dictates the level of  “ease”),  but you can’t become one by being lazy, or waiting for the guy who signed you up to do the work for you, or reading books that teach strategies which you never implement. Nor can you become one if you don’t want your information on the internet and refuse to use social media tools, or are afraid to pick up the phone and actually talk to other humans about your product, service or opportunity.

This product doesn’t sell itself, you do — so get to work.

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Five Reasons To Add Blog Advertising To your Marketing Mix


In the past when we thought of advertising online or marketing a business we would usually consider pay per click or some other mode of advertising that required a hefty marketing budget. The past few years has seen growth in a new medium “blogs”. The Beijing Olympics and the Presidential Election really proved the power and influence of the blogosphere as a global information source.

With this extensive growth in the sheer numbers of people blogging and consuming blog content comes a challenge – how to utilize this medium to bring the masses to your site to view your content, services, or products. That’s where  Paying Post comes in. Paying Post is a blog advertising service that brings bloggers and advertisers together to create a win-win situation.

What’s really great about blog advertising is:

  1. Your “advertisement”  is a post written by a blogger who already has an audience.
  2. It’s actually difficult to tell a real post from an advertising post because of the way the content is presented, so blog advertising is actually quite subtle.
  3. You can put your new or existing product in front of millions of people daily for less than a monthly newspaper ad in a major city like Los Angeles would cost you.
  4. Blog advertising provides access to a global audience; imagine trying to market a new product to the entire world on a start-up’s  budget – almost impossible and would take years.
  5. You still have control over your advertising “content” and are able to increase your business in weeks or months rather than  years simply because your advertising reach is greater and your advertising medium (the blogger) already has a trust relationship with your target market.

Whether you are looking to monetize your blog or stretch your advertising budget and market reach, Paying Post provides an easy to use system that is blogger and advertiser friendly. They recently changed their layout to make finding information easier and it’s also kinda pretty, the whole blue skies /green earth thing.

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