Does Phone Fear Leave You Cowering In a Corner?

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When working your home based business, do your hands tremble, like an alcoholic in delirium tremens, as you reach for the phone to make the first call of the day? Do you sweat in unmentionable places as you run through your prospecting spiel? Does every “No” or “Not Interested” bring you that much closer to just throwing in the towel on network marketing?

There’s a cure for that you know, and it doesn’t involve giving up on yourself  or your dream of earning a full-time income from home. Have you ever heard “You’re too attached to the outcome” and wondered what the heck you should be attached to if not the outcome, or at least wondered what your upline was trying to tell you?  Well thank goodness you found this post, because I am going to explain to you exactly what that means and how to get yourself detached and maybe even recruit some folks into your opportunity or sell some product.

Remove the “tele” from your marketing moniker

You are not a telemarketer, so don’t get on the phone sounding like one. You bring a lot of negative energy when you do that and your prospect is turned off before you can even get warmed up. So, rather than asking for your prospect (“Hello can I speak to George?”), assume that they are the person that answered the phone : “Hi George, it’s Monica how’s it going?”

Do you think that you’re in this business to make money?

If you believe in your heart that the purpose of your business is just to make money, then that right there, is your problem. The outcome that you’re attached to is earning money by marketing this product or enrolling this new business partner.  You are oozing scammer slime and your prospect hears you drooling down that phone line.

Your special purpose ( as Steve Martin said in “The Jerk”) is to help people solve their problems – whether it’s a lack of money problem or a bad skin problem or a need to lose weight problem or a “my son is a teenager now and I want to spend time together before he heads off to college” problem.

Your special purpose is not to be the solution to their problem, or make your solution fit their problem, it’s simply to figure out what that problem is. So lets practice, you’re still talking to George. You’ve already told him that you’re calling him back to give him that information that he requested about starting his own business (or working at home or whatever).  Now George is going to try to get you to launch straight into your pitch, but you need to pace yourself, because first you need to find out what George is all about and what makes him tick (because when you close him on this call or a follow up call, you will need to be able to push those buttons).

The next step in your prospecting call should be an easy give and take – a discovery process if you will, where you move the focus off the “sale” and put it on George and his problem. Is George currently working? What does he do? Does he like it? Why does he want to work from home? How much money does he want to make? What’s he going to do with all of that money? And so on, note that you should follow every answer from George with another question; this means you have to really listen to George and try to understand what he means (use a feedback technique “So George what I’m hearing is…”)

Sometimes you are able to determine fairly early on that you just do not have the solution to George’s problem,  and that’s alright, that’s detachment.

That’s exactly what not being attached to the outcome means; especially in network and affiliate marketing where you have got to be “OK” with not being the solution to everyone’s problem.

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5 Reasons to Recession Proof Your Income With a Home Based Business

As we descend deeper into this dip in our economy, we find our portfolios shrinking, our paychecks dwindling, unemployment rising, and disposable income disappearing. Due to job losses many two-paycheck families are down to one paycheck and maybe an unemployment or part-time job check. As we head into the holidays our children are affected by our lackluster approach to the holidays, and our fears of what the New year will bring.

There is a way to approach the season with anticipation rather than hesitation. Here are my five tips to recession proof your income this year:

  1. You can Lower Your Tax Debt Or Increase Your Refund – By owning your own home business you are eligible for tax breaks and incentives not available to an employee.
  2. You Can Help Yourself By Helping Others – As a home based business owner you are in a position to offer those hardest hit by the recession something that they need – a hand up as opposed to a handout. A Home Based business requires only a small investment and with a little hard work can be profitable almost immediately, so someone who is out of work but has a small severance package or an unemployment check, can invest in a home based business and start generating an income for their family!
  3. You Will Be Able To Create Residual Income – That’s income that grows over time based on work that you do only once. This is recession proof income that won’t be affected by the stock market, the world market, or the job market. It’s what you earn , as some in the business so eloquently state “before your feet hit the floor every morning”.
  4. You Can Determine What You Are Worth – instead of an employer telling you what they are willing to pay you, you can determine what you want to earn each month and how hard you are willing to work to make it.
  5. You Can Improve the Quality of Your Children’s Lives -Our children want more than great presents at Christmas, they want quality time with their parents! Why do we have them and then turn them over to day care centers, babysitters and the school system? A home based business allows you to be there for your children whether it’s breakfast before school, chaperoning school trips, helping with homework, or coaching their little league team. You can shape your kids lives through active participation in their lives.

If you are employed but don’t feel “safe” or are under paid and considering a second job, a home based business is a better Plan B. Why? Because a second job means more time spent working and less time spent living. It means more income to be taxed by the IRS without the numerous deductions provided by a home based business. It also means less family time and more time away from the place that you are trying to take care of – HOME


Home-Based Business Misconceptions

Whandshether you are already in a home-based business/network marketing opportunity or just looking to get started, there are some things you need to know.

  1. When your enroller said that you can make $100,000 in residual income – he/she didn’t mean this month. Which is not to say that you were scammed and will never make that 100K, it’s just not going to happen overnight, so get back down to earth and get to work.
  2. Systems are great, and systems do work, but if

    someone told you that you would “make money in your sleep” because the system will automagically sell your product and enroll new business partners – well…they may have told you a tiny white lie.

    Systems do work, but guess what? You are the main component of the system and you have to make it work. That means prospecting, marketing, advertising, basically investing a lot of time into your business. And no matter what anyone tells you, no business ever works on auto pilot, if it did your inbox wouldn’t be quite so full of emails from “gurus” and “top earners”. And trust me I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just don’t want you to think that there is a business somewhere that someone else works for you!

  3. There is a learning curve. Your first year or so in the business is all about learning and making mistakes. You’ll have highs and you’ll have lows; you’ll hear the word “No” a lot; people will hang up on you and avoid your calls – unfortunately they will continue to do that even after you’ve made your first 100K. The good news is that you can take what you learn and build your current business or you can apply it to your next “big thing”.
  4. There are just some things that are lunacy, and not the consistency you were aiming for.

    When your massive action doesn’t bring massive returns, you’ll probably burn out and quit your business in the first year

    So pace yourself, if you’re going to put out marketing materials, don’t paper 3 WalMart parking lots in one night! Bottom line is, don’t do anything once that you can’t repeat on a weekly basis.

  5. DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB at least not until after your earnings from your business equal your income from your job for several months. While you are still working reinvest your business earnings into the business – you’ll need leads, a small ad in the paper, and advertising co-op etc. This is the single biggest mistake I’ve seen first timers make, so don’t do it.
  6. While it’s good marketing practice to keep your business on the tip of your tongue, don’t push it to all of your friends, all of the time, you’ll end up in the NFL (no friends left). Your friends and family care about you (and are probably wondering what crazy scheme you’ve gotten yourself into now) and if they want to help you out they will. But for the love of Mike, go buy some leads and quit bothering your Mom!

Your Boss Is Not Your Daddy!

I read the stats about how many jobs the economy has “shed” over the past 10 months; the candidates for office this year Barack and McCain even make it a point to highlight the number of jobs lost when they’re out stumping for votes.

When my company was bought by a large oil company several years ago, they told us that if we worked hard and survived the inevitable layoffs we would “ride the gravy train” . I hung in there for almost a year, worked really hard and thought I had “survived”. One day I was told that I was a very valuable person, you see, and they were letting me go so that I could provide that same “value” to persons unknown who really needed it more than they did.

I lived off my (skimpy, taxed to kingdom come) severance package while I searched for these “persons unknown” , who one would assume were also searching for me, but we kept missing each other! Realizing that I had to eat and pay the mortgage, I settled on a home-based business to bring in a few dollars per month and set out to find others who were in my shoes past or present, and wanted a Plan B that would provide an income for them if their employer were to send them off to give value to someone else.

Well, imagine my surprise when folks hung up on me, or told me they were looking for a JOB from home and couldn’t see their way clear to pay to work, or they couldn’t afford it, or that they didn’t have time for this right now. Excuse me?

I think what I am hearing is “I do not have 2 to 5 years to work towards earning a 6-figure income on my own, but I trust the system to provide a job for me that will allow me to retire to a greeter position at Walmart in 20 to 40 years”

Was I missing something there? Then it hit me, I was once just like these guys, I too believed that the road to financial freedom ran right through corporate America, a savings account, a 401K and a pension at 65 – and that all those make money from home things that people called me about were scams. I too was once afraid of financial freedom. If only I could go back, I would not have hung up on quite as many network marketers!

Your boss is not your Daddy and your company has made no provisions for your future. Read that again please “Your boss is not your Daddy” and unless you actually do work for your father, your job can

* End up in Mexico, India, China or anywhere but where you are
* Be eliminated due to budget cuts or a takeover (like mine was)
* Disappear overnight for any of a multitude of reasons

So what is your Plan B?

Look I’m not saying quit your job and join me on some Man of LaMancha quest, where we fight windmills and other imaginary foes.

I’m just saying that you could get yourself a viable Plan B with a legitimate company (and increase your tax refund while you’re at it) while Plan A is still working for you.

I’m saying that a small investment could help you to quit your job in 6 months to 2 years ; or maybe it could help you to quit your job and then help you to bring your spouse home too ; or maybe, it will just keep you from having to work nights at the Walmart.

And if you don’t currently have a Plan A (meaning, you are already unemployed), then you already know exactly what I’m trying to say here. You’ve been down that road, you know exactly where it ends, and that is not where you want to be.

So go look in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I afraid of Financial Freedom?” And If the answer is “No”, well then don’t hang up the next time someone calls you about a business opportunity.