10 Cool Things About Having a Foley Catheter

1. You can pee anywhere ..oh for crying out loud, you didn’t really believe that title did you? It’s what you call a loss leader, just a little something to get you into the store. I had a second surgery last week – no, not because the first one didn’t take- to repair my ureter which was kinked or sutured or ignored in such a way as to cause my birth canal to become Niagara Falls.

I can’t help thinking that if my gyn-surgeon had listened to me when I said “do not take all of my lady parts” I wouldn’t be lying here writing this. On “Burn Notice” Fiona would say “Should we shoot them?“. I think of her every time I tell someone new about what has happened to me , because they always ask “Can you sue them?”

Truth is that I probably could sue them but I’m a bleeding heart liberal (or so my right wing friends tell me) and I don’t see the fucking point in bringing a suit. Wait, let me go ahead and digress here :

When you are in recovery, you are fair game for anyone who wants to make a dishonest dollar. Please be careful. Stop being such a control freak, and turn your debit card and financial decisions over to your significant other or your Mom or some responsible adult other than you with the fuzzy mind and the inability to remember the words that you need to describe things and end sentences. End of digression.

So back to this lawsuit. My sister says that I shouldn’t do it for money but I should at least do it for all of the other women who could be hurt by this doctor, as well as what I have lost because my recovery  from the first surgery never ended and so far this recovery has been no bed of tulips or whatever. I just want to get better and get back to work and life. I don’t want to spend a lot of time with lawyers or in courts. I don’t want to hurt any nice people (my gyn is a really nice lady) or ruin their practice /life. We’ll see.

So how do I feel? I feel even more emotional now than I did after the first one – because whatever residual hormones I had left are gone baby gone. I feel tired most of the time, short forays from my bed only provide a reason to go back to bed. I have kept a temperature above 99 every afternoon and evening since coming home (we can discuss some other time why they sent me home 24 hours after my surgery, even though my insurance approved a 4 night stay). This catheter is slowly sucking my energy and life-force (although I did manage to score an Amazon deal a few minutes ago,so I still have some juice).

I am sure that there are people who enjoy having catheters and I am also sure that they are really old and just tired of getting out of bed in the middle of the night to go potty.


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7 Things I Don’t Mind Sharing About My Hysterectomy

Two weeks ago I had a total abdominal hysterectomy. Prior to my surgery I did a lot of research on the internet (because the internet never lies) about what to expect. I learned a lot at hystersisters.com as well as other places, that was really helpful.

I had several friends tell me about their hysterectomies ( who knew that it was such a popular procedure?) and honestly, some of their stories were more scary than helpful.

I don’t think my pain has been that bad. The only thing I remember about the recovery room is that when they tried to bring me out I felt the most intense pain I had ever felt in my life. I believe that I saw Scotty and he said something like “I think she’s going to blow” or maybe it was the anesthesiologist – I passed out, so who knows?


  1. Right after my surgery I discovered that the ability to poop and pass gas had become the most important thing in my life. Having been forewarned, I took dulcolax stool softeners to the hospital with me and then promptly forgot that I had them. I walked  as much as I could and was given Maalox and Milk of Magnesia and heaven only knows what else, but I still didn’t pass gas until my 2nd day in hospital. I did not eat very much the first few days, mostly drank juice, hot tea and soup. I had no appetite. Once I started eating, I got full really quickly and felt as if I would just burst. Going number two is not easy, I take a stool softener at least onc ea day and prior to my surgery, I watched this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqdNEx81d2Q.
  2. Painkillers made me feel invincible which only lead to more pain, and then..I realized that my doctor had prescribed a finite amount of Percocet and 800 mg Ibuprofen and I was in a panic. What really happened was that in the hospital they gave me two Percocet every four hours no matter what my pain level was. So I got home and …took two Percocet every four hours. Now some people tell me that their painkillers knocked them out and their husbands had to wake them up to take their meds. this did not happen to me. I woke up in pain multiple times during the night , which sucked only because I am and always have been an awesome sleeper, I lay my head on the pillow at night and I wake up when the alarm goes off, period. I am desperately hoping that the good (sleep) times will return. My doctor prescribed Ambien to help me sleep, I took it two nights in a row but still woke up in the middle of the night, so I stopped because I did enough drugs in the 80s thanks.
  3. There is such a thing as doing too much. I had visitors every single day my first week home. Visitors are really draining, I didn’t want to lay in bed and have people visit my bedside, so I would get up, comb my hair , put on decent clothes and sit with them. I also ventured out to joanns to buy yarn .I realized about 3 days into the first week that I was overdoing it, because I had lots of body aches and could not sleep. But that goes back to the painkillers, they make you feel like you weren’t just gutted and stitched up.
  4. Food literally tastes like crap for a couple of days. The nice lady from the hospital kitchen called me every meal for my order – and every meal I drank tea and sent everything else back. Also things that I like and enjoy doing, I just can’t be bothered with sometimes. Reading, watching TV, drinking coffee, crocheting.
  5. Let’s talk about staples. I read a forum post that was about four pages long, where someone wanted to know if it hurt to have your staples out. Everyone said NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT, NO PAIN involved. Only one person said “yes, it hurts like hell”. But who’s going to listen to that one lonely voice? At 9 days post-op, my husband took me to the doctor to have my staples removed. My staples had been the bane of my existence for nine days and I was happy to have them out…until the nurse pulled the first one. There were I think 15 to 25 staples, the pain increased as she moved from my navel to my pelvis, some of them were scabbed over, I squeezed her hand so hard that I don’t know how she was able to continue. afterwards the doctor came in and gave me a lecture about doing  too much ( ok my doctor is female and it was more like when your mother has discovered one of your transgressions and you wish she’d just shut up and beat you already). So I promised to stay in bed for the next two weeks and she gave me a shot of something in my hip ( I do hate needles) which put me in bed for the rest of the day.
  6. I went back to work my first day home ( I work on the computer so I don’t have to leave the house). My office is on the top floor of our house. Before I went in to the hospital, the hubby and I set up my dining room as my recovery office and patted ourselves on the back for thinking of it. It turns out that it’s probably not a good idea to sit up in a chair working for hours on end when your stomach is held together with industrial sized staples. Please see number 5. We ordered an over bed hospital table right after my doctor’s appointment and I wish that we had done that in the first place.
  7. Menopause- since they took everything, I assume that menopause will come soon. So far I’ve had instances of sweating at night – nothing more  than my usual night sweats no sheet soaking or any of that. I have not had any hot flashes. I asked my mother, she laughed and said she had never experienced any of the symptoms. Here’s hoping I take after her.


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Hair – it’s more than a musical

Understand that I am not my hair, I know that I’m so much more than that.

But let’s face it, my  hair precedes me, it’s what you can’t help but see when you look at me.

Hair is supposedly a woman’s crowning glory  and mine has tried to live up to that. The problem is I’ve never really been into the whole pamper thyself thing. I get my nails done once or twice every summer. I succumb to sporadic bouts of “must get to the beauty salon every Saturday”. And every once in a while I wear makeup.

Sometime within the past year I decided (once again) that I was going to stop putting relaxer in my hair. I used relaxers to …well, relax the curl in my hair so that I could do my wet and go thing that I’ve been doing for about 25 years now. My hair had started to do weird thing though, each day there seemed to me that there was as much of my hair on the shower floor and in my comb as there was remaining on my head. So I quit cold turkey, no winding down, no one last time for old times sake, I just stopped.

I’ve survived for almost a year now with no chemicals , but (since my hair is the first thing people see) I think my first impressions haven’t been all that great lately.  I’ve been discussing the whole natural hair thing with the girls at work, and we’ve been swapping products (which weigh my hair down or just feel kinda icky) and I see people online talking about twisting and pinning your hair at night so that you can have curly hair in the morning (which is too much work as far as I’m concerned), or buying expensive products that  will enhance one’s natural wave pattern.

If you are serious about going natural check out curlynikki.com, hairmilk.com, motowngirl.com, nappturality.com and youtube, there are a ton of videos there that will teach you everything you never wanted to know about going natural.

Anyway, one day  my co-worker said to me (for like the 3rd or 4th time) “if I had hair like yours…” and that’s when I realized I just need to  to love the hair that God gave me, take care of it  and let it do whatever it wants to do on any given day.

Howz your head?  I’d especially love to hear from you if you’ve done the natural hair thing . And if you are very good, tomorrow I’ll give a free pattern for wide headband  (at least it will hide the gray)

Oh, I did dye my gray though , cause that just got to be really annoying. Next i’m going to try henna

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Keeping Hope Alive – Behind the White Noise and Shiny Objects

recessionAs you probably already know my recession started in late 2006 following a (in retrospect) bad decision on my part to accept a new position in another division of my company. I was let go and then I had to learn how to let go:

  • Of resentment
  •  Of anger
  • Of fear
  •  Of material things (like my house and my car)
  •  Of the past


Four years later, even though I have worked several decent paying gigs:

·         my bank account is light

·          if you ask a financial adviser they’ll tell you that my retirement plan is looking a lot like a job as greeter at Walmart

·          I don’t remember what an annual physical or mammogram is like because I belong to one of those (insert number in thousands or millions depending on your party affiliation here)  people with no health insurance

·         I do not possess a credit card or a high credit score

And you know what? I’m fine with all of that. Every day is a beautiful day, a blessing to be cherished. I appreciate what I have and what I can actually afford to buy [I bought my son a laptop and paid cash, I was so proud when I realized what I had done]


So, Where are YOUR Bootstraps?


And I’m telling you this because….

  1. I want you to know that no one is going to come and “fix” your personal economy. Once you get far enough away from a steady income and deep enough into debt, it’s a long road back
  2. I want you to realize that you can’t blame the government for your situation, then say the government is too big, and then blame the same government for your situation – yes I repeated myself, reading it makes as much sense as doing it does.
  3. I am slightly angered by corporate sponsored candidates who will tell you that if government stepped out of the way, companies would step in and take care of the “community”. Bullshit, is what I say. Why aren’t they doing that already? There is no legislation stopping these companies from taking care of the community now!  So why would you believe for even one moment that the people with the real power (jobs) to turn the economy around, who have not exercised that power, are going to make things better if they gain political power. Yeah they’ll make things better – for them.
  4. I tripled my yearly earnings under Clinton, lost everything under Bush, and gained some of it back under Obama. But I’m not assigning credit or blame to any of them, because this is my life and my responsibility, and it’s my hard work, foresight, intuition that causes me to gain or lose. I want you to stop blaming the wrong people for where you are. As a matter of fact, I want you to stop blaming altogether, that’s a lot of your spiritual power that you’re giving away there.
  5. I’ve learned that if you turn off the external noise – friends, family, media – and turn inward to the place in you where God is – he really will make a way where there is no way. I have never considered murder–suicide – not mine, not the President, not my family – as an alternative. You see I know that in 10 years, the past 4 years or so  will be just that – the past, and life and the world will have moved on and the angry people will find someone/something else to be angry about, and I’ll be living and crocheting in Europe (which is a dream of mine and honestly nothing personal against y’all).


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Yes,You Can Lose Weight and Get Healthy Eating Real Food

Cheddar cheese cubes at the Public tasting eve...
Image via Wikipedia

This blog dances around the theory that everything you need has been or will be provided for you. So while I was surprised when Mamapedia invited me to the “Get Real About Health” webinar recently, I shouldn’t have been. The webinar was sponsored by the California Milk Advisory Board in celebration of National Dairy Month (which is in June) and centered around two major topics :

1. Eating real (good) food for health , weight loss and pleasure

2. Debunking commonly held myths about dairy

Before I get into the details, let me tell you why this was Kismet for me. I have spent the past couple of years coming to the realization that I don’t want to spend the next 30 years  the same way that I’ve spent the last 30 years, namely dieting and failing (the fail part being where you fall off the wagon for whatever reason and gain all the weight back). I  know that I like food, I  have a husband who is a mahvelous cook and likes to experiment in the kitchen – this sucks when what he has whipped up looks and tastes great but “isn’t on my diet”.   At any rate I decided that:

1. Life is too short to deprive oneself

2. There has to be a way to lose weight and stay healthy when you’d rather be crocheting than exercising

3. Given 1 and 2 I will still lose the weight I want to (in time for  my son’s wedding in July)  and keep it off

That brings us to “Real Food Has Curves: How to get off processed food,lose weight, and love what you eat” the 18th book by food authors  Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarborough. Mark and Bruce pointed out that milk ( which we all tend to avoid don’t we?) and dairy products are “fabulous” real food, which is what you want to incorporate into your diet because when food tastes better we are satisfied much more quickly and for a longer period of time. Furthermore, people who spend more time thinking about and shopping for food, actually weigh less than those of us who find this a mindless/tedious exercise.

“Real Food Has Curves”  presents a simple 7 step program:

STEP 1: Learn The Secrets To Satisfaction –  In this first step you will train your palate to taste your food. One of the reasons we overeat is because we crave satiety, pleasure and taste. The authors recommend that you put your fork down between bites and really enjoy what you have put in your mouth.They discussed the “chewless” society we have become (of course I just inhaled a slice of buttered toast while typing this and will be hungry again in the next 15 minutes or so). Satisfaction also involves eating good real food – for example in my house we only use butter, seriously, it’s a whole different taste game.  Little bit of science from the authors:  Taste is one of the only senses that connects to memory cells – so taste is measured by past experiences and food memories are connected to pleasure centers in brain.  When you begin to eat real food you will find that it has ” layers of flavor”, the more processed the  food is the flatter the taste will be. It is the layers of flavor that help us to feel satisfied, sice “satiety comes from multiple tastes and textures in a dish”.
Test this theory – splurge on real ice cream  or try my my personal favorite a really good apple sliced and combined with slices of  real extra sharp cheddar cheese.

The authors suggest that we are afraid of food  becaus ewe mistakenly believe that it is an  ‘either/ or’ proposition. Real food does not have to be organic veggies and fresh home made tomato sauce; but do “take your glasses to the supermarket” so that you can read labels and compare ingredients, because there is “real” food that is also convenient.

Why did your last diet fail?  You probably think it’s your fault. Bruce and Mark say that is just not so. Diets fail because we are not motivated by deprivation – we are motivated by pleasure. [imagine that!] They sugggest that we slow down and  focus on our meal, spend more time at the table, and  spend more time shopping and selecting good real food.For example: if you are at the mall and want to have a cookie , then have the cookie but do it right – sit down, relax order a good coffee and the best cookie and savor the tastes and flavors, don’t wolf it down on the way to the next store – eating should be an event. I once worked with a woman who brought her own dishes ,silverware and table linens to the office everyday – she made lunch an occasion.

STEP 4 – DETOX YOUR PALATE FROM USELESS SALT, FATS, AND SUGARS – meaning if you are going to have fats anyway go for olive oil or butter which are much more flavorful than canola or margarine. Use real brown  sugar instead of Sweet and Low or Stevia.  Agave, by the way is real sugar and is recommended.
STEP 5 – TAKE THE LONG VIEW –  Don’t try to change your world, your life, or your kitchen in one fell swoop. Try one new thing a week – a new  way of cooking a vegetable or a new spice,meat or vegetable. I recently discovered turnips which I use in lieu of potatoes.
STEP 6 – UPGRADE YOUR CHOICES – but don’t go over budget trying to afford your upgrades. Use online coupon sites. The California Milk Advisory Board website has a couple of coupons that you may find useful.
Step 7 – TREAT YOURSELF WELL – enjoy real breakfasts and make desserts with real dairy products and real sugar. Eat food that is made of this earth and gives you pleasure.

Finally a few facts about MILK:

1.  Drinking milk does not cause early puberty(excessive weight triggers early puberty). Today’s girls drink less milk than their mothers did , on average girls need 1300mg calcium daily.
2. People tend to misdiagnose themselves with Lactose Intolerance .But it is far less common than believed. Get yourself tested if you think that you may be lactose intolerant. Try eating  yogurt to test tolerance, move on to other forms of dairy but be sure to take with other foods. Eat a little dairy often rather than a lot of dairy less frequently.
3.  Children who drink a lot of milk are not fated to be overweight.
4. Organic milk  and  regular milk are both equally nutritious.
5. Dairy foods are easy natural sources of calcium – you would have to eat 8 cups of raw spinach to get the same amount of calcium in one glass of milk or a cup of yogurt etc.
6. Milk is primary source of Vitamin D in  the American diet – 4 glasses of milk per day(400 IU)  helps prevent some cancers etc.  Get 10-15 minutes of sunlight to allow vitamin D synthesis (more if you are darker, less if you are lighter).

Visit the California Milk Advisory Board to learn more about how real dairy products can help you and your family to be healthier.

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Harness Your Thoughts – You Are What You Think You Are


This is an excerpt from an eBook  I wrote a few years back, enjoy. It was inspired and informed by James Allen’s “As A Man Thinketh”

You are what you think you are – rich, poor, slovenly, useful, use-less, shrewd, stupid, knowledgeable. However, if you think too hard about it, you may just realize that you have no idea what this means.

If we are what we think we are, then why can’t I think of myself as the person that has Jennifer Anniston’s body, Oprah Winfrey’s money, and a friends list as long as Tila Tequila’s – and make it all reality?

Well actually you can be and have all of that and more, if only you would take the time to manage your thoughts. Everything that you want to see, do, and be is in reality and actuality quite possible through thinking “aright”. Unfortunately, most of us are not masters of our own minds and are content to let our thoughts drift like so much flotsam and jetsam. Were we to harness and control our thoughts, not only would we become self-aware, but we would create an unstoppable success train!

Your Mind is a garden and if you do not cultivate it then someone or something will (and not in a good way, believe me).

This means that if you don’t plant the seeds yourself then you will most likely end up with a garden full of weeds.

Truly successful men and women know this: “Just as a gardener cultivates his plot, keeping it free from weeds, and growing the flowers and fruits which he requires, so may a man tend the garden of his mind, weeding out all the wrong, useless, and impure thoughts, and cultivating toward perfection the flowers and fruits of right, useful, and pure thoughts. By pursuing this process, a man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life. He also reveals, within himself, the laws of thought, and understands, with ever-increasing accuracy, how the thought-forces and mind elements operate in the shaping of his character, circumstances, and destiny.

To control your thoughts means also to not be contrary in your thoughts. Metaphysicians teach us that we must prepare for the thing that we hope for – so we cannot hope for the best of times, all the while preparing for the worst. Nor can we anticipate an avalanche of abundance with one part of our minds, while our fingers Google debt consolidation loan options, or bankruptcy lawyers.

This contrariness causes blockage in the channels we use to turn thoughts into substantive things. You are what you think you are, and in the end, you will get only that which you think you deserve.

In “As a Man Thinketh” we are given three examples of contrariness in thought. The first is a man who lives in poverty and “is extremely anxious that his surroundings and home comforts should be improved, yet all the time he shirks his work, and considers he is justified in trying to deceive his employer on the ground of the insufficiency of his wages. Such a man does not understand the simplest rudiments of those principles which are the basis of true prosperity, and is not only totally unfitted to rise out of his wretchedness, but is actually attracting to himself a still deeper wretchedness by dwelling in, and acting out, indolent, deceptive, and unmanly thoughts.”

The second example is that of a rich man who is eating himself to death and “wants to gratify his taste for rich and unnatural viands and have his health as well. Such a man is totally unfit to have health, because he has not yet learned the first principles of a healthy life.

Lastly we have a crooked employer who places large profits above the well being of his employees. He is “altogether unfitted for prosperity, and when he finds himself bankrupt, both as regards reputation and riches, he blames circumstances, not knowing that he is the sole author of his condition.”

So we see that “man is the causer (though nearly always unconsciously) of his circumstances, and that, whilst aiming at a good end, he is continually frustrating its accomplishment by encouraging thoughts and desires which cannot possibly harmonize with that end.”

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Get What You Want Out Of Life-Lose The Victim Mentality

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

What is a Victim mentality? My dear husband describes this as your inner martyr. That part of you that gets pleasure out of thinking: “Poor me, I will never be pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough. I’m just a waste of human DNA; someone please put me out of my misery”.

The victim is your excuse for:

  • not getting the pretty girl or rich guy

  • coming up short on the promotion at work

  • not closing that prospect

Just fill in the blanks on what you don’t deserve and why. If things are not going your way, you can just call in the Victim, and shed a few tears over your own ineptitude as you just quit trying to succeed at anything at all.

Just fill in the blanks on what you don’t deserve and why. If things are not going your way, you can just call in the Victim, and shed a few tears over your own ineptitude as you just quit trying to succeed at anything at all.

The Victim in you survives by replaying your inner DVD of errors and missteps in your life thus far. If you want more out of this life you have to quit reliving your past. Learn from your mistakes and move on!

I am going to use celebrities as an example here: I am sure you’ve read in the tabloids about some star that, early on, got everything that they wanted. But their Victim tells them everyday that this is not a life that they deserve; the Victim is judge and jury and causes them to make decisions on a daily basis that are guaranteed to prove this out. Driving drunk, committing suicide at the height of their careers, being publicly promiscuous, the list is endless when it comes to the damage that some celebrities inflict on themselves and the people who care about them.

We get out of this life exactly that which matches our expectations, and if you are expecting the worst you will get the worst. If your inner Victim insists that you don’t deserve any better – well, then you don’t. To gain small victories we must let go of our Victim mentality. Lose the Victim and gain a life of happiness and abundance.

How do you let go of your Victim mentality? Well you have to put different thoughts into the compartments of your mind. Fill those spaces with thoughts of future successes small and large; don’t focus on your lack of funds, instead think about what you are going to do with all that money when it’s just sitting in your bank account; replace the words fat, chunky and overweight with thin, healthy, and svelte. In short, you must spring clean your mind and rearrange the furnishings (and change the locks while you’re at it) so that the Victim becomes a homeless person.

Stay focused on your desires, live in the moment secure in the belief that you deserve to live your best life.

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Four Major Benefits of a Discount Benefits Plan

discount dental plans

My family and I have been using the Ameriplan Discount Plans since my COBRA ran out in 2007. Sure I have a job and could get my benefits through them, it’s only $350 per month for medical , a small additional for dental, with a 40% copay. I thought long and hard two years in a row and both times decided not to opt in. This year I chose to add an HSA to complement my Ameriplan Discount Benefits Plan – now I can got to a plan provider, pay a discounted rate, and get reimbursed via pre-tax dollars.

Here are just a few of the ways in which my family has benefited from a discount plan

  1. Our plan covers anyone and everyone.  My grown kids have been able to use it during periods of unemployment or underemployment when they didn’t have a plan of their own. There are no restrictions on who is covered – grandkids, friends, uncles, aunts, cousins, daughter’s fiance – they can all use the plan.
  2. We don’t have to pay a lot in order to get a lot. Let’s do the math -there are 4 of us, we pay $30 per month($360), a doctor or dentist visit runs about $40 per person($320), so in a normal year we spend about $700. Contrast that with $4200 per year which is what my company health insurance costs without dental or copays!
  3. We have a hospital advocacy group. One of the greatest fears that people have is the fear of being hospitalized and being bankrupted by the high costs. And trust me, regardless of what you have heard recently, the costs are extremely high. When my husband was hospitalized, his overnight stay ran well over $20,000. Once I recovered from the shock of it all I faxed my bills over to our advocacy group and they handled everything from there. Our final cost was somewhere around $9500 (with monthly payments!). Who advocates for you when your insurance company denies a claim?
  4. There are some tax benefits to having a discount plan also (because it isn’t employer sponsored). I don’t want to lead you astray so be sure to ask your tax advisor.

Right now Ameriplan is offering all of their plans for 50% off to join and 50% off for your entire first year. That means that for $19.98 per month you can get medical, dental, prescription, vision and chiropractic for your entire family. Check it out, make sure that there are providers in your area and sign up before this deal goes away!

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10 Last Minute Gifts For The Entrepreneur In Your Life

christmas gifts for the entrepreneur

We all know and love someone who is just cut from a different bolt of fabric. That kid we knew who actually found a way to make real money from her lemonade stand or the big picture guy who actually loves talking to everyone he meets about that weight loss product he discovered in college or the grandma who is supplementing her income selling cell phone plans! Having trouble choosing a present for your entrepreneur? Have no fear, I made a list for you:

1. For the newly minted (or firmly established) network marketer in your life , might I suggest the book  Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams!

2. Entrepreneurs are naturally  motivated people and they stay that way by focusing on personal development,  but they don’t always sit still long enough to read a book. Give them one that they can listen to in the car, on the bus, or wherever they happen to be. Try one of Jim Rohn’s audio books such as his Jim Rohn’s 2004 Weekend Leadership Event or UPDATED Building Your Network Marketing Business 10 Copy CD Pack

3.  For direct sales entrepreneurs (bearing in mind that we are all always selling something) I love Brian Tracy, practical advice delivered in a straightforward way. I  have personally listened to this one about 50 or so times just this year alone The Psychology Of Selling: The Art of Closing Sales

4. Entrepreneurs love books  because they always want to know what the other guy did to be successful! You can’t miss with a good autobiography like who doesn’t want to know how Bill did it (not Clinton, the other one) Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime

5. Network marketers and those in direct sales guys always need fresh blood/ new people to talk to. A leads subscription is a  practical and useful gift that keeps on giving all year long! LeadOverage.com offers packages that start at just $9.99 per month, or check out Freesurveyleads.com for less than $100 you can get 400 leads every Monday morning.

6. If your little entrepreneur is always on the move doing presentations in supermarkets, coffee shops and parking lots then they will absolutely love a mobile internet package. This will allow them to stream video and audio presentations or   go paperless and sign up prospects on the fly by accessing their websites from anywhere. CLEAR offers a great package as do other companies. If you’re interested in Clear call me (814) 422-5327, or see what your local providers are offering this month (here in Atlanta they are all trying to compete with Clear and that’s good for you).

7. The on-the-go marketer needs a way to organize all of their advertising materials (flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards) , I like this Melie Bianco W9-330 Messenger,Blue,one size but am sure you can find something more fitting for your male or female entrepreneur

8. Speaking of advertising, hop on over to vistaprint.com and bag some free business cards, brochures, glossy postcards etc. All you will have to pay is postage!

9. Even entrepreneurs need to relax (I know it’s hard to get them to do it, they are so focused on that goal) at some point. For the gamer in your life might I suggest a gift card from GameFly.com. I got this for my son three years ago and have saved tons on video games, while he has been able to play hundreds of games fo rjust 14.95 per month!

10. This present can serve double duty – your entrepreneur can use it personally or as a give away in their marketing package. Restaurant.com offers discounted restaurant gift certificates – a $25 gift certificate for example for only $2-$4. There are some minimum purchase requirements and restrictions (like it doesn’t cover alcohol) but I use them and love them. They have a special today: GET $25 GIFT CERTIFICATES FOR ONLY $3!
Enter Discount Code: SNOW

Well I could go on and on but I won’t. What would you add to this list?

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It’s Fall – Let’s Eat!

Bowl of chili with sour cream and cheese
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My oldest child is 30, and I don’t think there has been one moment in his lifetime whe I wasn’t on a weight loss diet or doing some fitness routine or both. I remember back in cave man days when we didn’t have VCRs and one had to exercise with Jack Lalanne or do exercises from a book; I would wake up at 4 am to get a workout in (yes seriously, from a book!) before heading to work.

I had my two oldest while I was in the Marine Corps and in each case I had 4 – 6 weeks to get back into that uniform and in good enough shape to pass a PFT (physical fitness test). After the birth of my first I waited one week or whatever it was and headed home to Mommy with baby in tow. She would promptly put me on a diet  and I would get up every morning and run around Holy Cross Cemetery  (Beverly to Schenectady, over to Snyder and down to Brooklyn Ave and back to Avenue D) at least once. I remember  that about a year after my second child was born I weighed 128lbs, I was of course disgusted and went on the very restrictive Hamptons Diet and wore one of those rubber things around my waist under my uniforms (well my cammies anyway).

As you can probably guess,  I have been alternating between avoiding  food altogether and bingeing  on the foods I love. That is just tiresome and now that it’s fall I am ready for some good eats – creamy soups, halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, and all those Christmas cakes, cookies and candies. This year I am armed with a product called Cheat (read about it for yourself here) and a determination to not deny myself anything while I eat just enough to satisfy the craving.

Today I made one of my favorite desserts (it probably cost less than $3, that’s why I say “cheap”), you can fancy it up for family gatherings by adding sour cream to the cream cheese, and topping with fruit. I also considered putting caramel in the bottom before the filling, and maybe some on top after chilling:


1 ready made graham cracker crust
1 (8 oz.) cream cheese
1/2 c. sugar
1 (8 oz.) Fat Free Whipped Topping

Blend cream cheese and sugar together until smooth. Fold in Cool Whip. Again, blend until smooth. Pour mixture into ready made crust. Chill at least 2 hours.

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