Hair – it’s more than a musical

Understand that I am not my hair, I know that I’m so much more than that.

But let’s face it, my  hair precedes me, it’s what you can’t help but see when you look at me.

Hair is supposedly a woman’s crowning glory  and mine has tried to live up to that. The problem is I’ve never really been into the whole pamper thyself thing. I get my nails done once or twice every summer. I succumb to sporadic bouts of “must get to the beauty salon every Saturday”. And every once in a while I wear makeup.

Sometime within the past year I decided (once again) that I was going to stop putting relaxer in my hair. I used relaxers to …well, relax the curl in my hair so that I could do my wet and go thing that I’ve been doing for about 25 years now. My hair had started to do weird thing though, each day there seemed to me that there was as much of my hair on the shower floor and in my comb as there was remaining on my head. So I quit cold turkey, no winding down, no one last time for old times sake, I just stopped.

I’ve survived for almost a year now with no chemicals , but (since my hair is the first thing people see) I think my first impressions haven’t been all that great lately.  I’ve been discussing the whole natural hair thing with the girls at work, and we’ve been swapping products (which weigh my hair down or just feel kinda icky) and I see people online talking about twisting and pinning your hair at night so that you can have curly hair in the morning (which is too much work as far as I’m concerned), or buying expensive products that  will enhance one’s natural wave pattern.

If you are serious about going natural check out,,, and youtube, there are a ton of videos there that will teach you everything you never wanted to know about going natural.

Anyway, one day  my co-worker said to me (for like the 3rd or 4th time) “if I had hair like yours…” and that’s when I realized I just need to  to love the hair that God gave me, take care of it  and let it do whatever it wants to do on any given day.

Howz your head?  I’d especially love to hear from you if you’ve done the natural hair thing . And if you are very good, tomorrow I’ll give a free pattern for wide headband  (at least it will hide the gray)

Oh, I did dye my gray though , cause that just got to be really annoying. Next i’m going to try henna

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I Believe…

Give to us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for—because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.“~~Peter Marshall (1902–67) Senate chaplain

water-lilies Since I started blogging here on the interwebz, I have struggled with the desire to say what I want, when I want  and still maintain my privacy and some sense of anonymity. Sounds strange I know. However, a good writer has to sometimes set their other half free, otherwise you just become some chick with a marketing blog, right? Right, so this morning I was thinking about what I believe to be true (not what some unknown “they” tells me is true) and good and right; and why it is that I think we the people  have strayed off the reservation so to speak.

I believe that life is more about the journey than it is about the destination and you absolutely have to live in the “NOW”. If you are the one sitting in the backseat impatiently asking “Are we there yet?” then please let me remind you that the only “there” involves a box and a hole in the ground (or ashes in an urn, your choice).  Life is after all, to be lived – that means that you have to experience everything in equal parts whether it’s the high of being in love or the messy events leading to the breakup; your first paycheck with 4 figures before the period or the check wrapped in a pink slip. Today’s lows will be tomorrow’s memories, heck you will probably talk about them with a smile someday.

I believe in Karma – I agree that the game of life is a game of boomerangs and “what you throw out comes back to you star”. Someone called me the other day to explain why they were unable to do something that I desperately needed them to do, their excuse was word -for -word one that I have used frequently in similar situations! The higher your spiritual awareness, the faster those boomerangs come back, so be careful out there and temper your truths with kindness – it’ll soften the blowback:)

I believe that it is done unto you as you believe.  For example, if you believe that the world is a bad place, then your world probably is, or is surely about to become so. If you believe that things are “getting better all the time”, then your conditions will begin to improve and will continue to do so . On the other hand if you are the patron saint of gloom and doom, whining and complaining constantly to anyone who will stand still long enough to hear it – well then you know where that puts you.

I believe that there’s a little God in all of us, which gives us the ability to formulate and create the life that we want to live. I believe that if we use this ability in a bad way , we will eventually reap what we sow.

I believe that before you can receive a lot, you have to give a little.

I believe that we’re doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, until we learn our lesson.

What do you believe? Do you believe that I am full of it?

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A Daily Spiritual Treatment for the Betterment of Conditions

prayerI am especially fond of Ernest Holme’s “Living The Science Of The Mind”.  The following treatment is my favorite and (if I recall correctly) is one that I  promised to share a while back.  You can say this one for yourself , for your family, for a friend or coworker, or any person or persons who could use a hand up.  As with prayers, they don’t have to be there or even ever know that you did this for them. Also, your level of belief and sincerity will determine your result sor lack thereof..

The words I speak are the Law of Good and they will produce the desired result because they are operated on by a power greater than I am. Good alone comes from me and good alone returns to me.

This word is for myself. Everything I say is for me and about me. It is the truth about my real self. There is One Life, that life is God, that Life is perfect, that Life is my life now.

Everything that I do, say, or think is governed by Divine Intelligence and inspired by Divine Wisdom. I am guided into right action. I am surrounded with friendship, love, and beauty. Enthusiastic joy, vitality, and inspiration are in everything I do. I am aware of my partnership with the infinite.

Every thought of not being wanted, of being afraid, of uncertainty and doubt is cast out of my mind. My memory goes back to God alone, in whom I live, move and have my being. A complete sense of happiness, peace, and certainty floods me with light. I have confidence in myself because I have confidence in God. I am sure of myself because I am sure of God.

The Spirit within me knows the answer to any problem which confronts me. I know that the answer is here and now. It is within my own mind because God is right where I am. I now turn from the problem to the Spirit, accepting the answer. In calm confidence, in perfect trust, in abiding faith, and with complete peace I let go of the problem and receive the answer.

I know exactly what to do in every situation. Every idea necessary to successful living is brought to my attention. The doorway to ever-increasing opportunities for self expression is open before me. I am continuously meeting new and larger experiences. Every day brings some greater good. Every day brings more blessing and greater self-expression. I am prospered in everything I do. There is no deferment, no delay, no obstruction or obstacle, nothing to impede the progress of right action.

I identify myself with abundance. I surrender all fear and doubt. I let go of all uncertainty. I know there is no confusion, no lack of confidence. I know that what is mine will claim me, know me, rush to me. The Presence of God is with me. The Mind of God is my mind. The Freedom of God is my freedom.

Today I bestow the essence of love upon everything. Everyone I meet shall be lovely to me. My soul meets the Soul of the Universe in everyone. This love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness. I am one with the rhythm of Life. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to be uncertain about. God is over all, in all, and through all. God is right where I am. I am at peace with the world in which I live. I am at home with the Divine Spirit in which I am immersed.

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What Should Parents Tell Their Kids About God & Religion?

God & Religion

God & Religion

I was cruising Mamapedia looking for a topic for my next post and I found this very interesting question about talking to kids about religion. It got me to wondering just how did I learn about God/religion and what did I pass on to my kids?

My Mother raised me on a bedtime prayer that I naturally said with my kids at bedtime, and they say with their kids at bedtime:

“Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my Soul to keep,

If I should die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my Soul to take”

Followed by :

“In my little bed I lie, Heavenly Father hear my cry, God protect me through this night and keep me safe til morning light”

No, I don’t know why we say two prayers in a row, it’s just what we do.  And yes on careful reflection the first one does seem morbid and my sons did comment on it when they were small.

I sent my oldest two kids to Sunday school when they were younger, because I remembered Sunday School as a pretty good time, and I  wanted them to have that same great experience.

But I pretty much lost interest in church after age 16 or so and my kids didn’t even make it that far. My 15 year old has never attended church regularly, not even Sunday School.  So I asked him what he thought about God and religion, he said “Well I’m not an atheist am I?”.

I have a very interesting situation with my Grandson, his mother and grandmother are Jehovahs Witnesses and we are not.  This makes for very deep conversations about “Jehovah God” .  My grandson seems to think that “Jehovah God” is a pretty mean guy. I try to soften that message a little bit for him but  I do not try to unteach what he learns at Kingdom Hall. We do celebrate Christmas and his birthday when he’s with us though.

I read a study that said that kids who were raised in homes at  either of the extremes of religion (too much or none at all) are the most likely to end up in cults or what I like to call “extreme church”.  The person who asked the question on MamaSource alluded to this when she said: ” I had a very strange, fundamentalist upbringing and do not practice any religion. ”

Children being the curious people that they are, will definitely ask questions about God and about religion; just tell them what you know. If you don’t know enough to answer the question, research it together. But don’t lie to them, don’t be judgemental,  don’t avoid their questions altogether,  and definitely don’t  give such negative or angry feedback that they don’t dare ask again. After all the important thing is for our children to always feel that they can talk to us about anything under the sun.

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The Great Surrender| Learning How To Let Go

A supercell thunderstorm
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In ” Living the Science of the Mind” author Ernest Holmes introduces the idea that in our search for that which makes us “whole and happy”, “safe and secure” and confident that we will “live forever somewhere” it would be wise to follow the rules that Jesus laid down for us. One of the most important in this case being “he that loseth his life for my sake, will find it”.

This, of course, means different things to different people. I cannot tell you what it ought to mean to you, but I can tell you that in this recession, there are many who need to hear this.

Once upon a time I thought  that I was losing everything – the American Express Gold card with unlimited spending, my road trip mini-van with built in DVD player, my great credit score, and the hidden wealth in my 401K. This was like death for me, my credit worthiness was so important, my possessions were so important.

In my despair, I received a revelation – there is life and there is stuff .  My stuff did not define my life, my stuff did not define me.

I realized that I had to shed these things that only created noise in my life, so that I could find the part of God  that lives in me. I had to turn from the outer to the inner and find peace and abundance within myself.

This led me to believe that the first step on the path to success is surrender.  Ernest Holmes mentions, this surrender does not mean that we should live in poverty or limitation, but that “when we put our trust in external things alone we are certain to become disillusioned, for a person may have a fortune one day and lose it the next; he may have a position of high power and suddenly lose all public acclaim”.

The Great Surrender means to let go of all the things that have gotten between you and your Spiritual self. To release the things that you thought put you above the rest of humanity. Sometimes we have to be stripped of just about everything before we find the true meaning and purpose of our life.

Do you remember that song by Kenny Rogers “The Gambler” where he says “You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run”?  Our Father has promised us a whole and complete life, a life without struggle, a life of abundance. But when we choose to  fight for the unnecessary things in life, we effectively reduce our ability to attain these blessings.

“Fear not little flock, for it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on surrender and learning to let go, please leave a comment whether you agree or disagree with me.

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Having Good Posture Will Greatly Improve Your Network Marketing Prospecting

Image by <a href=So what’s this posture thing that network marketing trainers and gurus all talk about? Is it the way you stand? The way you sit? Does it mean that you should smile more and  talk less, or should you talk more and smile less? Do you need posture in all forms of sales prospecting,  or do you only need it when prospecting face to face?

While ” posture” can be defined as the way that you present yourself to a prospect or customer, it actually goes deeper than that. You see your posture is defined by the strength of your belief in yourself , your opportunity, and your product or service.  The stronger your belief, the greater your posture and the more likely you are to close the deal – whether that is adding a new business partner to your down line  or creating a long term relationship with a customer.  And yes, bad posture is evident even over the phone, so you need it even when people can’t see you.

I’ll make this quick, what does a weak belief system look like, feel like, smell like, taste like?  Your belief system is weak and your posture is possibly nonexistent if

you secretly believe that everyone in network marketing who is making money knows something that you don’t

you subscribe to every network marketing trainer/guru product that comes with the tagline “explode your business!” While, you should strive to learn more about network marketing, your own upline will tell you not to spend a fortune until you’ve made one.

you are afraid to pick up the phone to make initial or follow up calls

you’re depressed or disturbed by rude people and people who hang up on you

GET OVER YOURSELF! Any successful network marketer will tell you that the secret is… that there is no secret! You work hard, you utilize the system provided to you, you tweak your ads, your website, your videos, your blog, your presentation as often as necessary, you persist and eventually you break through to success.

You have to know that what you are offering will improve/enhance/change the life of the person to whom you are speaking. You also have to know that 8 out of 10 people are not ready for and do not want a change. You have to accept that that’s OK and when they are ready you will probably be the first to know. If you understand that you will suck rocks before you become the superstar that you are destined to be, then you’ll be alright.

Why Didn't You Call Me?
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Here’s the serenity prayer just in case:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

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