Struggling? Here Are 10 Steps To A New Home or Just a New Mortgage Payment promotes home ownershipMany of us were hurt by the fallout from failed banks, failed mortgage companies, and failed financial strategies.  First home prices fell, then salaries fell – and shortly thereafter we realized that we were :

  1. In the best real estate buyers market ever with no way to take advantage of it – OR-
  2. Carrying a mortgage payment that we could no longer afford

Before we go any further let me make one thing clear – millions of people across America didn’t just wake up one day and each make the same bad financial decision to get into a mortgage they could not afford. I know that this is what some of you believe (and very strongly at that)  because it’s what the media tells you, it’s what your favorite talk radio guy tells you – but that don’t make it true people.

The fact of the matter is that you can have a low interest rate mortgage with a low monthly payment – but if you do not have  the same income that you did 3 years ago (or you have no income at all) no one and I mean absolutely nobody is going to help you when you’ve fallen 3 months behind, five months behind or even 6 months behind. The mortgage companies’ idea of  “a workout” is  often laughable; to you an dI it would make sense for them to look at your current income/debt and give you a payment that you could actually afford so that you and your neighbors can stay in their homes. But, nooooo, instead tey will attach the six months sans interest to your existing monthly payment and give you a payment that is basically double the amount that you couldn’t pay in the first place!

In some parallel universe this strategy makes total sense, unfortunately we do not live there, we are ere in tis universe where we end up losing tat home to foreclosure and then the bank sells your $100,000 home for $20,000. That’s right twenty thousand dollars! Now why couldn’t they just give you an affordable payment instead? If one of  you, my dear  readers , understands why this is please tell me so that I can explain it to my cousin who lost her home in just this way.

To add insult to injury, we also have companies who will take what little you have left in your savings account to assist you in getting a “loan modification” . I like to call this something for nothing, they take your money and promise you salvation, and you end up with the same deal that I mentioned earlier – that wonderful “workout” thing.

Well thank God for “The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America” and founder Bruce Marks who believe that neighborhood stabilization means getting people into home ownership and keeping existing homeowners in their homes.  NACA is a non-profit group that advocates for homeowners and would be homeowners. Their Home Save program can help you to get into an affordable mortgage situation if:

  1. You live in your home
  2. You only have one property in your name

To get help from NACA you must :

  • Visit and find a Workshop near you
  • Fill out the forms on the NACA website and get an appointment with a counselor
  • I suggest filling out the forms after you have attended a workshop as the workshop will teach you how to fill the forms out correctly
  • Become a part of the solution. NACA is all about giving back, so don’t just take your new low mortgage payment and walk away. Volunteer to help out at workshops, help the advocacy effort by  advocating for economic justice to politicians at the  local , state, and national levels.

NACA is not a  government handout and no one gets something for nothing.  It is the kind of program this country desperately needs, so tell all of your friends and families – no one should lose their home when help is so close at hand.

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Is There Life After Debt?

blisshopeThe ability to dream sustains us for the long haul, gets us through the rough patches, carries us over the bumps in the road – or at least that’s what it should do.  But I got to thinking the other day, that sometimes just when we need our dreams, our faith,  and a strong belief system that’s when we lose them.

I had a business partner who was doing great, recruiting new team members,  marketing  our products and services and just movng up in pin levels and income like crazy. Joe had lost his job back in ’08 and was working to supplement his wife’s income. They had gotten behind on a few bills  and were living paycheck to paycheck.  So you can imagine why Joe threw himself into the business in a no holds barred way, and was experiencing success and getting checks in the mail. Then his wife got laid off and Joe felt so overwhelmed that he stopped working the business and eventually quit. When I asked him why he said that with all of the financial problems they had , he just couldn’t focus on the business at all.

This happens all of the time, some people call it quitting before the blessing, but I know better.  I know that what really happened is that Joe  suddenly  lost his ability to dream of a life after debt. That’s what debt will do to you, it throws up this wall between you and the things you used to dream about, the goals that you had previously set for yourself. Debt whispers insistentlyinto your ear that what you really really need to  do is forget all this six-figure income nonsense and go get a a real job  with a steady paycheck.  And, hey I’m not knocking jobs, after all  I have one of those too and I can honestly tell you (like I told Joe, but he was too far gone to get it) that  you will need a king sized salary (or more than one job)  to conquer debt in the short term and that’s why you should not quit working your business.

Anyway I’m not here to talk about jobs and debt really. What I wanted to ask you is “Do you still believe? Are you still dreaming?” If you close your eyes and all you can see is your pile of bills dwindling, then I gotta tell you that the answer is probably no.  Do me a favor, go lay down close your eyes for a bit of a bit and dream a big dream that involves cruises and traveling and designer clothes and big houses all paid for with cash. Visualize yourself driving a Lamborghini on the autobahn, having lunch in Dubai, or whatever trips your trigger.

I want you to do this a minimum of once a week, more often if you can. Take it a step further and start a dreamboard or two(just cut pictures and quites out of magazines that represent your dreams; paste them on a piece of posterboard and put it someplace that you can look at it everyday). Here is an example and here is another (I love examples more than instructions  don’t you?).

Soon you will see that there is life after debt if you persist and above all keep on dreaming. Come back and let me know if  this helped you…

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When quitting is the only option

Are You A Quitter? I know I am. When the going gets tough the tough may get going but the niseylee usually gives up and moves on. From academics to relationships, I always assumed that I just was not cut out for the hard stuff.

I think it’s the commitment that sticking with it requires. For example, if you yourself have been hurt in a relationship or you’ve watched your parents engage in a combative and painful relationship- it would make you gun shy wouldn’t it? Definitely not apt to stay in a relationship long enough to get to the part where someone could actually hurt you.

In business, the chronic quitter does not stick around long enough to be placed in a position of authority and responsibility. Guess they are afraid they will “let someone down” or actually have to “show some results”.

So what’s a commitment phobic under achiever who craves success to do anyway? I’m glad you asked:

  1. Define what success means to you (lose weight, earn more, have happy healthy kids etc)
  2. Based on this definition, set some short term ( 1 -12 months) and long term (1-5 years) goals
  3. Accept responsibility for your past actions and their present consequences
  4. Live your life on purpose, nothing is accidental

Let’s face it quitters never win because they just don’t ever finish what they start. So are you a quitter?

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Why Are You Still Looking For Medical And Dental Insurance?

While I recover from Christmas, I thought I  would re-post this article on the high (and hidden) cost of health care. Until December 31st you can take our discount plan for a spin for only $20! Or you can try our prescription card for free.
banner_benefitbuttonI understand that you want some level of security for your family and believe that a standard insurance plan is the only way to achieve that. I am a mother to 3 and grandmother to 3, and I know how important it is to be covered. But let’s face it, the insurance companies have pulled the wool over our eyes big time.

I calculate that in my working life I have spent anywhere from $3000 to $9000 per year on medical and dental insurance. This does not include my co-pays, which is what you pay out of pocket when you go to the doctor or dentist; as well as the amount you pay for covered prescriptions. Additionally, eye exams and prescription glasses for myself and my son are not fully covered, so that’s a yearly out of pocket of anywhere from $200 to $600 depending on whether or not we indulged in some high end designer glasses.

Not all plans cover every drug so I have at times been surprised at the pharmacy with an unexpected bill for a prescription written by my doctor. Not all procedures are covered either. My gynecologist recommended an outpatient surgical procedure the cost of which put me in debt collection  because my insurance company would not cover it!  The birth of my 3rd child was a C-Section, and although I had both primary and secondary insurance I still ended up with a $3000 bill for anesthesia because the insurance companies only covered 50% of the total cost.

I have a business partner who had a plan through her company that cost $160.00 every two weeks. Her dental plan required a co-pay of $25 and had a deductible of $500. That means that she needed to pay $500.00 out of pocket every year before her insurance company would pay for anything. On top of that there was a limit on what the insurance company would pay for dental procedures. She did not discover all of this until her bridge and partial needed to be replaced and the insurance company said “No” after the work was partially done.

So an individual can pay anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 per year in insurance premiums and still have to come out of pocket when major events occur?

I challenge you to look back over the course of your working life and determine how much you have paid into your insurance versus how much you have gotten out of it. If you discover that you have paid in more than you’ve gotten back, then I have to ask again “Why are you still looking for medical and dental insurance?”

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6 Reasons To Purchase an Ameriplan Discount Benefits Plan Before 12/31

I don’t want this blog to become a huge advertisement for my business, but…recognizing that at least one-third of the American population is uninsured and a percentage of the rest are underinsured002

I did feel a need to at least let my readers know what we offer to alleviate these issues and about our special promotion in the month of December.

  1. Dental, Vision, and Prescription are often offered separately from medical at an additional cost to you. Ameriplan offers a plan which includes all of these as well as chiropractic (which is often not covered by insurance at all) for only $14.95 for an individual or $19.95 for a family of up to 20 people
  2. Discount Plans do not have any exclusions – you can be 1 or 100, healthy or sick, having your baby at home or in a hospital- no problem.
  3. If you are on maintenance medications or are spending more than $100 per month on prescriptions our prescription Advocacy Program allows you to spend only $82 per month and receive all of your meds for FREE!
  4. Our hospital advocacy program has helped many of our members to reduce or eliminate their medical.
  5. If you have insurance, many of our providers will use our plan to discount your bill first and then bill the insurance company the remainder. This means less out of pocket for you.
  6. And last but not least , you can purchase any one of our plans for only $20 until 12/31/2008

There you are short and sweet, so:

  • if you’ve been overdosing on aspirin because you can’t afford to go to the dentist
  • or haven’t had a mammogram or check-up in years
  • or are just tired of paying for insurance and then still having to come out of pocket for what your insurance does not cover
      Click here to learn more or sign up.

      P.S. Did I mention the 30 day money back guarantee? The $300 Gas Card? The Vacation for 2 with airfare? The Cash Back program for online purchases?

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