I’ve Got An Orange Crush

I’ve always loved bright colors, it’s a given where I come from, but once we got to America we had to tone it down. This year I’m happy to see that orange has made a come back(orange – tangerine tango whatever). I bought a shopping bag full of a beautiful vibrant orange from Bernat and made two hats and an infinity scarf.

If you are color shy and don’t know what to do with orange, I created this collage just for you.

The infinity scarf, orange slouchy , and cloche  can be found on my Etsy site .
I am not affiliated with any of retailers below.
Pencil skirt from Express.com
Black Metallic Skinny Jeans from JC Penney (laugh if you want to but I love my JC Penney)
Orange Skinny Jeans from SexyDresses.com
Orange and black Fergie Womens Suede pumps from Heels.com

What’s your favorite fall color?