Wherein I Reminisce About Basketball And Baby Naming

20 years ago on a day not unlike today, The Woodchuck (well of course he wasn’t the Woodchuck back then, he was still just “Honey””) and I had still not selected a first name for the child were expecting.

We knew that his first name would not be Simon (family tradition be damned). The problem was that we needed a name that had flow ( I used to write poetry and The Woodchuck still had Tony Rock in his blood, so yes we needed flow), and were having trouble finding (OK agreeing) on  anything that would flow into Simon.

Looking back I can’t think of why we  agonized so much over a name. I mean , really I gave my oldest a majestic name “Rahsheen” what do people call him? Rah. What’s the point? Oh and did I mention that after all that agonizing, our little one once asked us -” why didn’t you give me a normal name, like Jonathan?”

So anyway, back to 20 years ago – Final Four (yes I know it’s not really called that once they get to the final two, I am obviously a horrible sports fan) is on (this is back when there was  one TV in the house and everyone watched what was on said TV), Michigan , North Carolina. I’m rooting for Michigan  (I don’t remember why, no). We’re discussing names still, Juwan – No. Chris? No. Jalen Rose – I had a teacher with the last name Rose when I was in Elementary School – wait – Jalen Simon – now that flows.

The Fab Five didn’t win that night (i think it was the night of the time out incident, I also think I mighta got teary eyed), but strangely enough – I don’t remember the names of any of the North Carolina players. Maybe the Woodchuck does.

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