Is There Life After Debt?

blisshopeThe ability to dream sustains us for the long haul, gets us through the rough patches, carries us over the bumps in the road – or at least that’s what it should do.  But I got to thinking the other day, that sometimes just when we need our dreams, our faith,  and a strong belief system that’s when we lose them.

I had a business partner who was doing great, recruiting new team members,  marketing  our products and services and just movng up in pin levels and income like crazy. Joe had lost his job back in ’08 and was working to supplement his wife’s income. They had gotten behind on a few bills  and were living paycheck to paycheck.  So you can imagine why Joe threw himself into the business in a no holds barred way, and was experiencing success and getting checks in the mail. Then his wife got laid off and Joe felt so overwhelmed that he stopped working the business and eventually quit. When I asked him why he said that with all of the financial problems they had , he just couldn’t focus on the business at all.

This happens all of the time, some people call it quitting before the blessing, but I know better.  I know that what really happened is that Joe  suddenly  lost his ability to dream of a life after debt. That’s what debt will do to you, it throws up this wall between you and the things you used to dream about, the goals that you had previously set for yourself. Debt whispers insistentlyinto your ear that what you really really need to  do is forget all this six-figure income nonsense and go get a a real job  with a steady paycheck.  And, hey I’m not knocking jobs, after all  I have one of those too and I can honestly tell you (like I told Joe, but he was too far gone to get it) that  you will need a king sized salary (or more than one job)  to conquer debt in the short term and that’s why you should not quit working your business.

Anyway I’m not here to talk about jobs and debt really. What I wanted to ask you is “Do you still believe? Are you still dreaming?” If you close your eyes and all you can see is your pile of bills dwindling, then I gotta tell you that the answer is probably no.  Do me a favor, go lay down close your eyes for a bit of a bit and dream a big dream that involves cruises and traveling and designer clothes and big houses all paid for with cash. Visualize yourself driving a Lamborghini on the autobahn, having lunch in Dubai, or whatever trips your trigger.

I want you to do this a minimum of once a week, more often if you can. Take it a step further and start a dreamboard or two(just cut pictures and quites out of magazines that represent your dreams; paste them on a piece of posterboard and put it someplace that you can look at it everyday). Here is an example and here is another (I love examples more than instructions  don’t you?).

Soon you will see that there is life after debt if you persist and above all keep on dreaming. Come back and let me know if  this helped you…

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