A Daily Spiritual Treatment for the Betterment of Conditions

prayerI am especially fond of Ernest Holme’s “Living The Science Of The Mind”.  The following treatment is my favorite and (if I recall correctly) is one that I  promised to share a while back.  You can say this one for yourself , for your family, for a friend or coworker, or any person or persons who could use a hand up.  As with prayers, they don’t have to be there or even ever know that you did this for them. Also, your level of belief and sincerity will determine your result sor lack thereof..

The words I speak are the Law of Good and they will produce the desired result because they are operated on by a power greater than I am. Good alone comes from me and good alone returns to me.

This word is for myself. Everything I say is for me and about me. It is the truth about my real self. There is One Life, that life is God, that Life is perfect, that Life is my life now.

Everything that I do, say, or think is governed by Divine Intelligence and inspired by Divine Wisdom. I am guided into right action. I am surrounded with friendship, love, and beauty. Enthusiastic joy, vitality, and inspiration are in everything I do. I am aware of my partnership with the infinite.

Every thought of not being wanted, of being afraid, of uncertainty and doubt is cast out of my mind. My memory goes back to God alone, in whom I live, move and have my being. A complete sense of happiness, peace, and certainty floods me with light. I have confidence in myself because I have confidence in God. I am sure of myself because I am sure of God.

The Spirit within me knows the answer to any problem which confronts me. I know that the answer is here and now. It is within my own mind because God is right where I am. I now turn from the problem to the Spirit, accepting the answer. In calm confidence, in perfect trust, in abiding faith, and with complete peace I let go of the problem and receive the answer.

I know exactly what to do in every situation. Every idea necessary to successful living is brought to my attention. The doorway to ever-increasing opportunities for self expression is open before me. I am continuously meeting new and larger experiences. Every day brings some greater good. Every day brings more blessing and greater self-expression. I am prospered in everything I do. There is no deferment, no delay, no obstruction or obstacle, nothing to impede the progress of right action.

I identify myself with abundance. I surrender all fear and doubt. I let go of all uncertainty. I know there is no confusion, no lack of confidence. I know that what is mine will claim me, know me, rush to me. The Presence of God is with me. The Mind of God is my mind. The Freedom of God is my freedom.

Today I bestow the essence of love upon everything. Everyone I meet shall be lovely to me. My soul meets the Soul of the Universe in everyone. This love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness. I am one with the rhythm of Life. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to be uncertain about. God is over all, in all, and through all. God is right where I am. I am at peace with the world in which I live. I am at home with the Divine Spirit in which I am immersed.

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