Yes, But I’m Not Interested in Residual Income

These were the words uttered to me by a young man to whom I had been speaking about my business opportunity. I admit that I was so surprised that I just said “OK, bye”.  In retrospect I should have asked him just what he thought residual income was!  After all, who wouldn’t want income that you work for once and continue to make month after month and year after year?

Well  here is a short tutorial for those who don’t know or understand what residual income is.

Residual income is also know as passive or recurring income- passive because once you do the work  that one time(sign a new business partner , sell an autoship for a product, or sign someone to a membership program) the money that’s generated from that one transaction will continue to be paid to you at specified intervals.

Imagine that you work at an Exxon gas station where you provide such good customer service that people actually return to this location because of you.  Chances are that you still only earn your $10 hourly salary no matter how much your loyal customers spend. This is what residual income is not, even if you were to earn a bonus based on your hard work, you would only earn it once.

Now lets pretend that you are a bass player. One day you’re at the home of a friend who is working on a demo that he hopes to present to a popular young singer (like India Arie maybe), and he asks you to lay the bass line.  The song is good enough to not only get on the new album, but it becomes a hit, and… they keep your bass line. Guess what? Suddenly, every four months or so, you’re getting a royalty check from this work that you did one time, just sitting at a friend’s house.

What’s the difference between the Rolling Stones and The Temptations?  Publishing. The Temptations did not write their own songs and missed out on millions in publishing, while the Stones wrote and performed their own music and go to the bank every time anyone uses  a  snippet of a song for commercials, cover tunes, movies etc.

So what if you aren’t a songwriter, artist, or  author? How do you create residual income? Well you can invest in the stock market directly or through a mutual. Or you can get into  a business that pays you month after month and year after year on the work that you do once.

Frankly, I can’t think of why anyone would say that they are not interested in residual income, unless of course they simply have no idea what it is.

What are you doing to create residual income?  Yes feel free to leave your wonderful business opportunity links -:)

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Looking for a Hand Up not a Handout? Try a Work at Home Job

Not everyone wants to do internet marketing ,MLM, or affiliate marketing. I once had a prospect tell me  “Look, I need a pay check, I want something where I work, and somebody gives me check at the end of the week “. Well have no fear, I am here to help you, not scam or hurt you:)

Here are some of the jobs that you can do from the comfort of your kitchen table:

Virtual assistant is basically a  secretarial or administrative/executive assistant type of  gig. You may be asked to do anything from answer a forwarded phone to creating a financial spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation.

Article or eBook writer – network and internet marketers  often need someone to ghost write their articles and ebooks. You’re usually given guidelines to wrk from.

Web Developer/programmer – people want websites, blogs set up, some change to their site that they do not know how to do etc.

Customer Service – you know when you are watching those infomercials and they say call within the next 15 minutes and…? well you could be one of the reps that gets called. These jobs usually require a quiet place to work and a landline (no VOIP or Cell phones).

Places to look for work (some companies may charge a small fee for a drug test or background check, but they are legitimate):

Bid for VA, writing, and technical gigs at:

For a customer service type job :

Please feel free to leave a comment if you kow of other work at home companies or email the info to me at

Thanks, and good luck!

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Affiliate Marketing | What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is the practice of paying other people (affiliates) to market your business and/or products.

Affiliates are paid to get visitors to your website or sales of said products.  It’s up to the affiliate to build a marketing and advertising campaign around the product.

There are also affiliate programs where you can create a downline and are paid a bonus for your downline activity. Affiliate marketing is attractive because:

  1. there is NO COST to get started
  2. the company provides banners, text ads and other market materials
  3. you don’t have to buy, store, or ship a product
  4. the company provides customer service so your obligation ends when the buyer clicks your link

There are many ways to become an affiliate. and both offer programs. To locate lots of different companies that need affiliates for a product launch or a seasonal promotion, go to comission junction ( The last option is a company that pays for bringing in affiliates and marketing their products, SFI marketing group is a good example of this.

Once you have selected a product you can advertise it on a blog, a website that you build for that specific product, and also articles that you write  about the product in which you will provide a link back to your website or blog.  On your blog or website you want to place product reviews and testimonials as well as offer any accessories that go with the product. If you have money and understand pay per click advertising , I recommend using PPC to market your product also.

To be successful at affiliate marketing you need to understand keywords and Search Engine Optimization. Mark Ress, an internet marketer, is giving great FREE training over at all year long.

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10 Things To Consider When Choosing a Work At Home Opportunity

working at home
Image by atconc via Flickr

With a New Year comes reflection ,soul searching and then the desire to BE or DO…something.  That something can mean anything from finding a new job to creating  a new way of life that includes more time for yourself or to spend with your family. Whatever that something is, it often finds you on the internet searching for work at home opportunities.  Given that a work at home opportunity can be anything from Virtual Assistant to Home Based Business Entrepreneur, here are

10 Things To Consider When Choosing a Work At Home Opportunity

  1. Do want to supplement your current income or are you looking for financial freedom?  This question could be reworded as “are you looking for a quick fix to a financial shortfall or is your goal a significant increase in your income over the long term? ”  It is the first and most important question to ask yourself. If you want to supplement your income for a little while then a second job  would be a good option, but will that scratch your itch long term? Consider where you were a year ago and where you want to be a year from now. If you were looking for extra income a year ago then you will probably still be looking a year from now, because your finances are probably even more messy than you care to admit. In a case like this you want to think long term financial freedom.
  2. How much income are you looking to generate? Is $10 an hour enough for you  or do you need an extra $2000.00 a month? You can find hourly jobs and short-term  gigs on craigslist,, and for starters. To create a consistent livable/sustainable income from home may require a business opportunity as opposed to a job. (Coming soon “Use Your Passion to Get Into Profit Mode” with tips on earning money by doing something you like to do, as opposed to doing something that you have to do).
  3. How much time are you willing to invest in a work at home opportunity? Meaning, how many hours a day do you actually have for this? Do you want something do a couple of hours on the weekend and in the evening or do you need  9-5 telecommute job kind of thing ?  Do you want the ability to set your own hours and go at your own speed or do you require scheduled hours that provide structure and discipline? You should know and understand the differences before you start  filling applications out across the web.
  4. Are you looking to spend more quality time with your family or to be home with your kids? Many work at home opportunities do not have room for children in them. A home based business is something that you can do with barking dogs, meowing cats, and crying babies. When you talk to people on the phone they hear all that and realize that maybe you are not calling them from a call center in India or Yugoslavia or (worst yet) Arizona. There are customer service and telemarketing  jobs that you can do from home but some restrictions apply. You will need a hardwired telephone line (not Magic Jack or VOIP), an office where you can work quietly (no doorbells, no kids, no pets), and the ability to commit to scheduled hours which usually include the weekend. If your kids are not in school and you don’t have an au pair, these are not for you. But again check out some of the sites I listed above for jobs that are not so strict.
  5. How much do you have to invest in a work at home opportunity? Some jobs require that you pay certain fees for a background check for example. Most business opportunities also require an up front fee as well as a monthly fee  or an auto ship (requires you to receive x amount of products per month). Affiliates are often free to get started, but may have some costs down the line.
  6. How long are you willing to work ? If you just want to make an extra $500 for 6 months and call it quits then you are looking at a short term gig, whereas a $200,000 per year income  may take you anywhere from 2 to 5 years to generate (and I can’t promise you that it can be done with a job).
  7. Do you understand the 40 year versus the 4 year retirement plan? That’s where you work for a company for 40 years and then retire with a pension that is so small you have to supplement your income with the 401K that you (hopefully) contributed to while you were working or … you end up as a greeter at Walmart. The 4 year plan is where you start your own business and work really  hard for 4 years to create a $100K+ residual income that allows you and your spouse to retire before your kids get to junior high school. This is based on the premise that if you are going to work hard anyway, why not be the main beneficiary of your hard work? Before you jump into a business read this.
  8. Do you know the difference between a home based business and a work at home job? A business opportunity requires self discipline, the ability to dream big,  and a strong desire to succeed. There may be some costs associated with it, and there is a learning curve. but if you can stick it out you will earn a steady income from it in two to four years. A job on the other hand provides an income immediately, sets a schedule for you, and doesn’t require any more self-motivation than you currently have. A job is viewed by many as the safer, less scammy option but…given that over 500,000 people applied for unemployment in December alone, jobs are not as safe as they look and  you will have a lot of competition.
  9. Do you want  to make a lot of money quickly? Then I suggest you sell something on Ebay ( your first born or your house maybe) or rob a bank. Neither a job nor a business is going to get you rich quick, everything requires ramping up and then building.
  10. How big is your biggest dream?  How you answer this question will determine the direction you take.

What do you want to BE or DO in 2009 ? Tell me what I missed in my list of 10 Things To Consider When Choosing a Work At Home Opportunity.

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And This Christmas Will Be – Made Possible By My Home-Based Business

Presents under the tree, courtesy of my residual income check

Presents under the tree, courtesy of my residual income check

Late this year the US government finally admitted that there might be a recession going on, but some of us have known it for a long time.  I started this year with three streams of income  – a consulting position that led me to Russia back in January and provided a steady income through May; a customer service job that took up a lot of my time but paid weekly; and my home based business which I worked sparingly because the other two left me drained.

The consulting position began to fade away in April, and had disappeared altogether by late May, thousands of dollars in income just gone bye bye. But that was OK, because I still had the customer service job, I was working for an online Real Estate service providing instruction and a helping hand to their clients. Unfortunately, it was Real Estate and we know what happened to that market – the weekend before the 4th of July I got a call saying that my last check was in the mail, and they were really sorry and blah blah blah.

That left me with my home based business which I threw myself into working for a while, until I lucked into another consulting position which offered a great salary,long term income, and financial stability for me and the fam.  I was very busy working long hours, traveling quite a bit and again unable to work my home-based business because I could not be as available to my down line as I like to be. Well, as we all know shift happens and it happened to me again.  Another one bit the dust due to the gloomy economic outlook and the reluctance of many of our clients to invest in “frivolous” upgrades to their existing systems.

And that left only one leg of my three-legged stool /streams of income. Fortunately for me, the sporadic bursts of involvement in my business had produced three promotions within 8 months which meant a strong  and deep downline. The residual check that I receive from my business pays bills, buys groceries, allows me to donate to charities. In this season of  giving I worried that there would be no Christmas dinner and no presents under the tree (due to some other issues that I will discuss in another post, as well as the fact that recruiting is so difficult in December). While I searched for a job and worked on upgrading my skills, I also set a dollar amount of what I wanted my business to produce so that I could purchase a present or two. My  home based business came through for me again and… well every picture tells a story don’t it, so just check out the picture. If working my business in a part-time way can provide this much financial freedom , what could persistence and consistency bring us next year?

Tell me are you better off than you were a year ago? How many streams of income do you have going? Are you actually working your business or are you waiting for it to produce “income while you sleep”?

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