I Thought I’d Try Crocheting Some American Girl Doll Clothes

I was a vendor at an event a few week ago and a woman walked up to my table and said “You know what you should do?”. Let me pause here a moment to say that I absolutely hate when people say that to me. Ok let’s continue..”You know what you should do? You should make American Girl doll stuff and put the little girls name on it.” Uhmmm Ok, that sounds really awesome. If I wanted to put names on things I would have made my husband a Manchester United hat by now don’t ya think?

But I did not say that. Instead I gave her my most gracious and grateful smile and said that it was a capital idea. As it turned out I made hardly any sales that day. The vendor next to me was a retired lady who sews the cutest doll clothes. So i thought to myself on that long ride home – well why not try making doll clothes? The should go fairly quickly and I like quick, win win all around.

Can you tell which of these are original and which are from patterns

Can you tell which of these are original and which are from patterns?

Well it’s not quite as easy or quick as I thought, because someone has the bad habit of going off script (or off pattern in this case). I’ve tried out a few patterns. I came up with  a few of my own.

Oh and I bought an 18 inch doll. Just one more item to freak the kid out.