5 Things You Should Know About Contour from Cox (aka why I plan to cancel my cable)

I was recently “upgraded” to Contour. I was very excited – you can watch shows in one room, pause and continue in another room. I thought that would be cool. You have more stations available on OnDemand. The layout is beautiful . I thought that I would be happy with it but I spend less time watching than I had originally planned because:

1. One day, with no prior warning, the remotes just ¬†stopped working – naturally you think it’s a problem with the battery and you spend your time trying to fix that, then you find out that the other remote doesn’t work either…call Cox.

2. Select a show to watch ,hit start, view the black screen of nothingness. Go back, start again and hopefully it works. This will happen for every show that you watch (at least on the main box).

3. In my bedroom I have a secondary box and it has no clock. NO CLOCK, in a bedroom. How am I supposed to know what time my hot flashes wake me up if I don’t have a clock? Whose stupid idea was it to make a box with nothing but a tiny orange light? And while we’re on the subject of clocks, can I speak to the 20 year old who designed these, blue light on a black background? Even the 11 year old grandchild has trouble seeing it.

4. I watch more Amazon Prime and Netflix than I do my cable (which costs me a whole lot more). As soon as I get an hour or two of catching up on shows in than the box  throws an error and I just give up for a couple of days. What make sthem think i want to call customer service every five minutes?

5. Speaking of customer service, they’re very nice, the wait times are fairly short, and they understand my frustration but cannot comprehend why I would want to be credited for the time that I spend NOT watching my very expensive cable programming.

Oh and sometimes it doesn’t pause the live shows . Or you stop a program in the middle and are forced to start from the beginning.

But that’s like 7 things and I only promised five. If you only watch live programming, Contour is fine for you. But if you can only watch television at certain times and are a huge fan of OnDemand, then don’t bother quite yet.