Conventions Are So Darned Awesome!

Ameriplan Family Reunion 09

Ameriplan Family Reunion 09

I just got back from my company’s convention in Dallas,Texas ( is that the hottest state in the union or is there one that’s even hotter?)  and I am so pumped!  I think that recharging your entrepreneurial battery  and  reconnecting with your “people”  are two of the top reasons why we attend conventions. It most certainly isn’t  for the rest and relaxation as we stay up late into the night  and roll out of bed  early in the morning.

This year our convention was titled “Family Reunion ’09 ” and you know what?  That  is exactly what it was like, I have been to many events in the past and it really was like coming home. The faces were familiar, everyone had a smile or a hug for you, and we all had something in common didn’t we?  We are just ordinary people  taking a chance so that we can  live extraordinary lives.

The best part of convention this year was meeting all of my Facebook friends – like my sister from another mister Catey who is just the sweetest, tiniest person it will ever be my pleasure to know. I was also inspired by the young people – the under 30 crowd – who are setting goals, achieving them and setting new ones; cocktail waitresses and single Moms who have created  or are on their way to creating a monthly multiple comma income. And then there is my roomie and new BFF Waple  Michelle, who has vowed to stay on this ride with me no matter what!

What did I learn this weekend? Well I learned that I definitely chose the right company two years ago. One that has survived the economic downturn and is still  focused on helping people to save money and make money. I won’t bore you with the details, awesome though they may be (you can check it out on my website ).

I also learned that you absolutely cannot stand still, say a couple of prayers and hope that God hears you and sends abundance and prosperity your way. God hears you all the time, and  is just waiting for you to act, to move, to set your foot on that path and keep going no matter what. Life is all about the jorney, but most of us keep praying that we get air lifted to the destination.

Stop trying to hit your target and hit it already! Leave a comment and maybe tell me about your convention experience.

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Is Retirement At 65 The Final Fantasy?

burn's night at a retirement home
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I’ve been working since I joined the Marine Corps at age 17.  Prior to age 46, I had only worked at four (4) jobs (can you imagine? what a dinosaur I am) , five if you include my part time job at Blockbuster back in the 80s.  I thought that was the way to show loyalty and end up with a nice retirement package at age 65.

It worked for my Mom (not so much for my Dad he died at age 60, more on that next post), so I figured that if I played my cards right I would be able to bounce the grandchildren on my knee while sitting on the front porch of the finest retirement home (which my son Rahsheen has been promising to place me in for years-:).

I was laid off at age 46 and recently I  have spoken to more and more “middle-aged” men and women who have also been laid off in their later years; and it got me thinking is retirement by age 65 the final fantasy? More fallacy than actual truth? Something that only happens for a small percentage of the population?

As a network marketer here is where I am supposed to tell you about the 4 year vs the 40 year plan, so yes do consider a home-based business as a way to build retirement income.  Network marketing will build your retirement nest egg a lot faster than a corporate job, as long as you are willing to work hard at it and get through the ups and downs.

If your former job had a pension plan or you put money into a 401K, please, do not spend the money on a new car, a boat or your bills! You will place retirement that much farther out of your reach because once your savings are gone they are gone – and if you are not over 59, the biggest portion will be  going to the IRS and not to you (sucks, I know).

Holding on to and reinvesting your retirement funds rather than spending that money to survive right now, will ensure that you are able to retire before you’re 80 with a substantial monthly income.

Yes the old idea of working for one company for 40 years and retiring at 65 is the final fantasy of my generation, but do not despair. Our talents, skills, and experience will ensure that we get another job. But opening ourselves to the other options out there – internet marketing, home-based businesses, small businesses – will once again make retirement a reality for this generation. Although, if you find something that you totally love doing, and affords you luxury cruises  and other great vacations,  you may say instead “Why would I want to retire?”

So what do you think, is retirement a thing of the past? Leave a comment!

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Why Are You Still Looking For Medical And Dental Insurance?

While I recover from Christmas, I thought I  would re-post this article on the high (and hidden) cost of health care. Until December 31st you can take our discount plan for a spin for only $20! Or you can try our prescription card for free.
banner_benefitbuttonI understand that you want some level of security for your family and believe that a standard insurance plan is the only way to achieve that. I am a mother to 3 and grandmother to 3, and I know how important it is to be covered. But let’s face it, the insurance companies have pulled the wool over our eyes big time.

I calculate that in my working life I have spent anywhere from $3000 to $9000 per year on medical and dental insurance. This does not include my co-pays, which is what you pay out of pocket when you go to the doctor or dentist; as well as the amount you pay for covered prescriptions. Additionally, eye exams and prescription glasses for myself and my son are not fully covered, so that’s a yearly out of pocket of anywhere from $200 to $600 depending on whether or not we indulged in some high end designer glasses.

Not all plans cover every drug so I have at times been surprised at the pharmacy with an unexpected bill for a prescription written by my doctor. Not all procedures are covered either. My gynecologist recommended an outpatient surgical procedure the cost of which put me in debt collection  because my insurance company would not cover it!  The birth of my 3rd child was a C-Section, and although I had both primary and secondary insurance I still ended up with a $3000 bill for anesthesia because the insurance companies only covered 50% of the total cost.

I have a business partner who had a plan through her company that cost $160.00 every two weeks. Her dental plan required a co-pay of $25 and had a deductible of $500. That means that she needed to pay $500.00 out of pocket every year before her insurance company would pay for anything. On top of that there was a limit on what the insurance company would pay for dental procedures. She did not discover all of this until her bridge and partial needed to be replaced and the insurance company said “No” after the work was partially done.

So an individual can pay anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 per year in insurance premiums and still have to come out of pocket when major events occur?

I challenge you to look back over the course of your working life and determine how much you have paid into your insurance versus how much you have gotten out of it. If you discover that you have paid in more than you’ve gotten back, then I have to ask again “Why are you still looking for medical and dental insurance?”

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