Marketing to Friends & Family – How to Stay Out Of The NFL

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What if you found a great product that you wanted to introduce to your family and friends , but realized that you couldn’t, because they would see you coming (and run the other way!)? Chances are that back when you started your first network marketing business, you initially pitched your family and friends on everything. So what have they done? They have tuned you out when it comes to network marketing opportunities and products.

It’s not your fault, most network marketing training initially focuses on the warm market, (even the top network marketing companies still teach this) what they don’t tell you is that this will place you in the NFL. And I don’t mean National Football League; NFL stands for No Friends Left when it comes to anything having to do with your business or products. This is not a place that you want to be; so how do you avoid it?

There is a better way to market to friends and family that will have them eagerly building your business for you. Kim Klaver wrote a great piece called Friends, Lies, and Network Marketing in which she offers twelve tips for keeping your friends and family in your corner and providing you with network marketing leads:

1. Don’t mislead your friends by introducing your product or business as if you were recommending a restaurant or movie.
2. Warn them up front that you’re selling what you’re going to talk about.
3. Don’t ask your friends to buy. Ask for a referral instead. [THIS IS HUGE!!!]
4. Don’t ask your friends to sell. Ask for a referral instead. [AGAIN,THIS IS MAJOR!!!]
5. Lead with your own hot button.[This goes back to the Law of attraction – you attract what you are. So those who are passionate about the same thin that you are passionate about will be drawn to you.]
6. Story replaces pitch. [Facts tell and stories sell – has anyone ever put you to sleep talking about their work? well don’t be that person]
7. No promises, no problems.[If network marketing was easy, everyone would do it, so don’t tell that lie to family and friends – these people love you, love them back.]
8. Enthusiasm sells. Hype and hounding don’t.
9. Recommend the smallest package,like a prudent advisor would.
10. Skip the therapy.They didn’t ask for it and won’t pay you for it.[As much as you want to save a friend who is deep in debt or a sister who is overweight, let it go if they don’t see the vision. Spend time with like-minded folks who are going to get you to your multiple comma income]
11. Use multiple venues to tell your story. [Network marketing tip: do what fits your budget,don’t spend more on advertising than you’ve made in your business]
12. Women: Stay in your comfort zone. Your natural ways are working in today’s skeptical marketplace.

You can find Kim’s manifesto at

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Your Boss Is Not Your Daddy!

I read the stats about how many jobs the economy has “shed” over the past 10 months; the candidates for office this year Barack and McCain even make it a point to highlight the number of jobs lost when they’re out stumping for votes.

When my company was bought by a large oil company several years ago, they told us that if we worked hard and survived the inevitable layoffs we would “ride the gravy train” . I hung in there for almost a year, worked really hard and thought I had “survived”. One day I was told that I was a very valuable person, you see, and they were letting me go so that I could provide that same “value” to persons unknown who really needed it more than they did.

I lived off my (skimpy, taxed to kingdom come) severance package while I searched for these “persons unknown” , who one would assume were also searching for me, but we kept missing each other! Realizing that I had to eat and pay the mortgage, I settled on a home-based business to bring in a few dollars per month and set out to find others who were in my shoes past or present, and wanted a Plan B that would provide an income for them if their employer were to send them off to give value to someone else.

Well, imagine my surprise when folks hung up on me, or told me they were looking for a JOB from home and couldn’t see their way clear to pay to work, or they couldn’t afford it, or that they didn’t have time for this right now. Excuse me?

I think what I am hearing is “I do not have 2 to 5 years to work towards earning a 6-figure income on my own, but I trust the system to provide a job for me that will allow me to retire to a greeter position at Walmart in 20 to 40 years”

Was I missing something there? Then it hit me, I was once just like these guys, I too believed that the road to financial freedom ran right through corporate America, a savings account, a 401K and a pension at 65 – and that all those make money from home things that people called me about were scams. I too was once afraid of financial freedom. If only I could go back, I would not have hung up on quite as many network marketers!

Your boss is not your Daddy and your company has made no provisions for your future. Read that again please “Your boss is not your Daddy” and unless you actually do work for your father, your job can

* End up in Mexico, India, China or anywhere but where you are
* Be eliminated due to budget cuts or a takeover (like mine was)
* Disappear overnight for any of a multitude of reasons

So what is your Plan B?

Look I’m not saying quit your job and join me on some Man of LaMancha quest, where we fight windmills and other imaginary foes.

I’m just saying that you could get yourself a viable Plan B with a legitimate company (and increase your tax refund while you’re at it) while Plan A is still working for you.

I’m saying that a small investment could help you to quit your job in 6 months to 2 years ; or maybe it could help you to quit your job and then help you to bring your spouse home too ; or maybe, it will just keep you from having to work nights at the Walmart.

And if you don’t currently have a Plan A (meaning, you are already unemployed), then you already know exactly what I’m trying to say here. You’ve been down that road, you know exactly where it ends, and that is not where you want to be.

So go look in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I afraid of Financial Freedom?” And If the answer is “No”, well then don’t hang up the next time someone calls you about a business opportunity.