Life Comes At You Fast

“It’s A Boy!” and “It’s A Girl!” gift sets

Now that I am making baby items , I was really happy when my nephew told me that I was going to be a great aunt.  Ever the businesswoman, I was excited at the prospect of a baby of my own to try out all of my items at the various stages of his life. Saturday evening I got a call that sent me rushing to the emergency room at Grady hospital in downtown Atlanta – there had been a very bad accident and my sister and my nephew’s 5 months pregnant girlfriend had bee injured. That night, while we sat awaiting word on their condition (they didn’t let us see either of them for almost 5 hours and that doctor that comes out to talk the family on TV shows? Well, that didn’t happen) my nephew told me that he never understood what “Life comes at you fast” meant…until that moment when his whole life just changed.

My husband and I discovered this about 5 or 6 years ago when I was laid off , his band was dropped from the label, and our son was ready for high school but we were not.  We moved to a nicer (read “more expensive”) locale so that my son could go to a good school (read “no gangs”) with hope in our hearts that we could make it all work. Well he graduates this year and we haven’t had to go on the dole, so maybe it’s all going to work out after all.

But who knew that life would be this hard? Here we are two educated and multi-talented people who never in a million years imagined that lows could be quite so low for quite so long. Thank God for giving us both a sense of humor and three great kids.

So a couple of weeks ago I challenged my husband to help me turn my passion for crochet into our retirement income. He rose to the challenge and came up with the  “It’s A Boy!” and “It’s A Girl!” baby shower gift sets for me to sell locally and on Etsy. It’s a start.

The young female  doctor told my nephew’s girlfriend that she’s young and can have more babies. I’m not consoled and I doubt that she is either. Life comes at you fast – and that’s the truth.

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