About Me

A.A.S Borough of Manhattan Community College With Honors

BS Computer Information Systems Cum Laude Georgia State University

MBA GPA 4.0 Ellis College of New York Institute of Technology

I have been everything from a United States Marine to a Concert promoter. I spent the past ten years as a web programmer for a large Fortune 500 company. My most important role has of course been wifey, Mommy and Grandma, so you’ll hear me talk about that too.

I have spent almost 20 years of my life with my best friend/husband bass-player extraordinaire The Woodchuck (check him out on India Arie’s “There’s Hope”  or here) and we are finally able to spend time together in the same house and the same city and the same country – wasn’t always like that.

I am blessed with three boys (and now that a guy named Barack Obama is POTUS, I don’t feel so bad about their names) :

Rahsheen - social median (en?) , singer, speed rapper, check him out on “Gone” a song I love . Father to my three beautiful grandchildren, the guy who helped me get my degree in CIS when he was just 16. I didn’t raise him, we raised each other.

Khalil – name inspired by Kahlil Gibran artist and author. He is a choreographer and dancer (TLCs Girl Talk, some Monica video, tons of live stuff) and can be credited with keeping me young and the house fairly clean. And yes he is spoiled – but deservedly so.

Jalen is my baby (no more) who aspires to be both a musician and a game designer. He took two years of German and now thinks his name is Uwe (oo-vay) whatever that means.

I started this blog because when you work from home there is no one to talk to and this is a sneaky way to talk to people who are not related to me. More importantly the last few years of my life have been a spiritual, emotional, financial journey and I want to share what I have learned.

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