3 Days in Brooklyn – but nowhere near the block

20150929_180010 - Copy

This is what I thought of when the hotel said “room with a view “

I went to New York for Visual Studio Live 2015. It’s OK if you don’t know what that is. My eldest said it sounds like something involving geeks on ice. He was disappointed to learn that there was no ice.
I stayed at The Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, I asked for a room with a view, they said we’ll have a room for you in an hour. I went to a nail shop on Lawrence Street and got the worst pedicure EVER. The hotel called while the wax chick was trying to convince me to get my upper lip done (as if). I was so excited I gave the baggage check dude a generous tip, grabbed my luggage and raced to my 18th floor room.
I ..was..so..disappointed. My view was of a building under construction and a rooftop playground full of kids. Am I wrong for thinking that a room with a view – at a hotel with the word “bridge” in it’s name- meant  a view of the water?

At least I was around the corner from Fulton Street and I enjoyed shopping from street vendors, cause I miss that sort of thing. I would have shopped some of the discount stores but I’m trying to do that frugal thing.

Had an awesome dinner with my two baby brothers at Sancho’s in Bay Ridge. And I got my water fix in by walking down to the Promenade . I miss being able to walk everywhere and I miss all the people. So I really enjoyed people watching as I walked.

I want this house

I want this house

Regrets- conference hours, time and my iffy back meant I did not get to go back to the block. That’s OK, going to do it next year for sure-:)

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