It’s Not The Size of The Wave – It’s The Motion Of The Ocean

Let me start by saying that this blog post is not about what you’re thinking it’s about.

I’ve been thinking about the whole concept of “overweight” and what the numbers and measurements do to us and why we diet and exercise like mad men and women (right before succumbing to lunch at Golden Corral cause everyone’s going).

This morning , as I rooted about in my closet for something comfortable to wear to the grocery store, it came to me. It’s not my skin that I’m not comfortable in – it’s my clothes.

I was one size (small to medium) most of my life and then suddenly I wasn’t anymore. And no matter what I did, I couldn’t get back to the place where I was the most comfortable in my clothes.

The thing is that there are plus size (how come there isn’t a minus size? I’m just thinking out loud here) women who know how to work it. Their clothes, their hair, their make-up is just always on point. These women look so good that their being “overweight” is a non-issue.

I am not one of these women. I gained weight and totally lost my sense of style. When my reflection and I cross paths we both cringe.  I am constantly trying to lose weight hoping that I will regain my good taste in clothes and remember how to dress myself.

I am not alone. I talk to women all of the time who are doing Sensa, Zumba, the military diet etc. and so on – just so they do not have to start buying clothes in the next size range. I actually wonder if big girls who wear it well, do so because it’s the size they’ve always been and it’s their comfort zone. OK that might be a reach, my sisters have been all along the size spectrum and they always look good.

Maybe it is just me…..maybe I should jump into the ocean and get out of the Nile.

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