I Love New York – Don’t You?

I was telling a Facebook friend that it surely is difficult to work full-time, crochet part time, manage an online shop AND find time be a social media maven and blogger. I know that I have to do better, but once my work day is over I turn into the happiest hooker ever and ignore my computer. I really need to do better…sigh.

This month sales have really slowed down, so I am using my free time to work on my I Love New York collection. Remember that tee shirt I showed you in my last post? Well I did a little re-work and think I was finally able to be true to the vision that I had. What do you think?

I have also found a wee bit of time to round out part one of the collection with a sexy V-neck upcycled tshirt, a slouch and a beanie inspired by the recent successes of the New York Knicks. And a pair of boot cuffs with orange and blue ruffles which can also be worn as wrist warmers (yes I know, what a great idea Miss Nisey!). Here they are for your viewing pleasure. Part two involves black, white, and the Brooklyn Nets (I’m from Brooklyn…but you knew that).

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