Because Michelle Obama Ought To Wear NiseyLee for the Inauguration

It’s 10 days and 16 hours before the inauguration festivities kick off and I have not yet heard from Mrs Obama or her stylist, what gives? here are some suggestions -:)

Never mind me, I’m probably just giddy from my awesome (to me) holiday sales season. Don’t know that I ever mentioned it, but most of my sales used to come from an artists co-op type store near Atlanta, GA. After I moved 86 miles away, it became difficult for me to maintain my 80% commission on my items as that involved devoting several hours a month to working at the store. I initially switched over to a 50 percent split and made a tidy profit last Christmas. But (call me what you will) I just wasn’t very happy about giving up 50% on each sale . Yes I realize that there are arguments to the contrary, and that the store had all of the overhead while I had very little etc and etc. Bottom line was that I wanted to be there to see how my products were displayed and talk to customers about things, and get reactions and feedback AND I wanted to feel rewarded for my hard work. I wasn’t getting that.

I have had my Etsy shop for years , but the secret to success on Etsy is being able to spend time each and every day actually doing stuff in your shop. Given my hours and my commute, I had found that almost impossible to do. So last year I decided to make it a family business – I asked my husband and kids to do whatever they could to help me to help them by creating a successful online presence. They updated my products on a daily basis, created Treasuries for me, posted ads, and mentioned the shop fairly frequently in their Twitter, G+, and Facebook streams.

Knowing that I was creating a lot of items with no way to sell them except on Etsy or Artfire forced me to learn how to get noticed. Granted I am a very small fish in a very,very big pond but I passed a few signposts this year that were very encouraging- like multiple sales in Canada, Australia and England. I was also gratified by the number of sales made to men this year. But probably most encouraging of all was having return customers as well as customers who bought more than one item in a single purchase.

Like so many others, I am not going to be able to retire in my 60s the way my older relatives were able to. Crafting is my back up plan, my role models are Grandma Moses , Colonel Sanders, and a nurse I read about who became a successful novelist after she retired. Like wine, I’m improving with age-:)

I am having a 35% off sale this pre-inauguration weekend , so if you are attending the festivities, there is still time to grab a niseylee original  (I ship Priority Mail so I am almost positive it will get to you in time) and show up all of the celebrities in attendance.


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