I’d Rather be Red

If you asked five of my close relations what their favorite color is, three of them are more than likely going to say “red”. That’s just the way it is with us, we love red in our houses and on our persons.

Red looks good on everyone and it comes in so many shades that you can wear it to stand out and you can wear it to blend in. You can wear it to honour your favorite team or you can get all sparkly for a night out (or you can do both at once as in this beanie which has the red white and black of the Atlanta Falcons but with a lot of sparkle).

Red White and Black Beanie

Red White and Black Beanie With a little red sparkle

When I decorate my house for the holidays I think red tablecloths, fat red candles, heavy red velvet drapes, and a lot of gold and silver for accent.  My favorite holiday accessories tend to be red – red hats, red scarves and a red fleece that I’ve had since (probably) the nineties.

Therefore it follows that I crochet a lot of red items leading up to the holidays and that for Black Friday and Cyber Monday I should offer these items to you with FREE SHIPPING via Priority Mail, so that you too can get your red on for the holidays!I'd Rather be Red


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