My Jaco Pastorius Beanie Issue

you really can't see the hat in this pic but thought I'd provide it for context and all that

I don’t know that I’d call it an issue exacly, maybe fixation is a better word, or obsession i dunno. Last week I was in my bathroom and saw that my husband had a book called “Bass Heroes ” on the counter. There were pictures of three bassists looking all rock and roll and everything on the cover there, but the only one I noticed was Jaco because (oh you’re wondering why I knew which one was Jaco? read on I’ll tell all in a minute) he had this  colorful beanie thing on and us hookers are trained to spot crochet like from across football fields.

I’d been thinking about making some stuff for guys because I never seem to make it into the Etsy Dudes email  LOL – and anyway I like guys -I did raise 3 of them after all. Well 4 if you count my husband the bass playing rodent (and yeah that’s why I know who Jaco is).  Not only did I want to make some guy stuff, but I have like a boatload of yarn remnants and am in a “no buy” zone until I can bust that stash.

the colors here were inspired by the "other" Jaco beanie

substituted gold for orange

It was very frustrating for me because I worked late the entire week and vowed to spend no-crochet time with the kid and grandkid before they headed back to school. Finally, it was Friday and I was free  – to crochet that is. My husband requisitioned (stole?) the first one that I made so I had to go make some more for my shop. I am terrible with color (go figure) so each one took a little while as I tried to match colors in a way that wasn’t totally fugly. Luckily I started out with some really happy colors like orange and turquoise and yellow, but they’re all gone now – I guess this is what you call a challenge…

Excuse typos, misspellings and lack of punctuation, it is so way past my bedtime. Tell me what you think though.


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