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You may think that those of us who live the handmade life just wake up each day grab a patter or project sheet and just go at it until some object emerges from our efforts. But that’s not really it, the days that I do that I frog (rip things out)  more than I create. What really inspires me is what my eyes see in the world. I know  that sounds kind of lofty and idealistic , I mean I still use a pattern sometimes but it’s the thing or event that  drives me to choose that pattern on that day that keeps me inspired to the completion of the project (and trust me I have a lot of UFOs [unfinished objects which I may or may not be able to identify later] to support that theory .

The UnaDrummer’s Driver Cap

The UnaDrummer's Cap

The UnaDrummer's Cap

Last summer when I was crocheting fedoras for my husband’s band, I asked the drummer when was he going to buy one of my awesome hats, he said when I made him a drivers cap in Pittsburgh Steelers colors. Well that wasn’t very inspiring at all (bright yellow and black I mean come onnnn already). So I put it off and put it off and then the other night I was feeling a little down (unemployed and unemployable and all) and I was watching Hustle on AMC (it’s one of my favorite shows  and if someone wants to send me the box set well…lol) and the pisode was about horse racing the caps everyone wore were just amazing and I put down the baby sweater I was in the middle of, grabbed some yellow yarn and my modified Lidsville pattern and produced what you see here. Hope Mr Unadrummer likes it. BTW you can find the original Lidsville pattern here.

The” Luther” Beret

I’ve liked Idris Elba since I first saw him as Stringer Bell in “The Wire”. A few weeks back I was looking for something to keep my ears occupied on a Sunday afternoon and found a Brit mini-series “Luther” which starred Mr Elba as a cop of all things! Anyway there was a pale redhead in this awesome beret that I just had to emulate.  I modified a pattern from Berroco I think and continued the cables to the forehead to create a similar look. The yarn I used is a European worsted that’s very thin so the beret is not as substantial as this one, but I’ll keep doin it until I get it right, LOL.

The beret

I just had to make this beret

My Luther Beret

This is my version of the beret


My Greek Columns Hat

One of my favorite stitches is the cross-stitch so I find that when I design my own items I inevitably include that stitch. I call this my Greek columns hat because it reminds me of the Parthenon or something like (I told you inspiration comes from strange places sometimes:) So that’s my story, what’s yours?  What exactly inspires you? Tell me all about it.

Greek Columns hat

It's the grey one on the left there or did I even need to tell you that?


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