Why Should I Pay To Work At Home?

banner_greenAny network marketer, who is actively building their business, has heard this question. Whether in person, on the phone, or via email the prospect usually asks the question with just a little bit of attitude, as if they’ve caught you taking a stance that you will in now way be able to justify.

You could say something like “well if you were opening a video rental shop you would have to invest in a space, inventory, employees ” blah blah blah. I don’t like that response, the person you are talking to is not interested in a brick and mortar business, they are interested in earning an income or supplementing their current income – preferably from home.

The myth is that a job does not cost money, but the reality is that it absolutely does! In January of last year I had to fly to Russia to do some consulting work. While I was reimbursed for travel and food, there were some out of pocket costs that almost made the trip not worthwhile – a new coat, boots, several suits (cause I had been working from home and was a size off from the suits in my closet).  During the summer I did some consulting in Florida, different climate requiring different suits. In both cases I had to pay up front and get reimbursed later (after taxes). Additionally, once the gigs were over so was the cash flow – I worked long and I worked hard, but there is no residual income in a job.

So when faced with that question, go back to the reason (s) that person came to you looking for work at home and  explain to them he following costs that are incurred by those who have jobs :

  1. If they have children then someone will have to take care of those children when they are at work; that’s money that is not being spent when they work from home
  2. A job requires acceptable clothing, this is a cost that  is incurred before any wages are paid and is not reimbursable nor can it be claimed at tax time
  3. Working outside the home means eating lunch outside the home – the average worker spends at least $5 per day on meals and beverages while at work (many workplaces now charge for coffee).
  4. Transportation – whether they travel by bus, train, or automobile it will cost them money each week to get to and from work.
  5. The cost of eating out more because no one is home to cook dinner.

The next time you are asked “Why should I pay to work at home?” by a prospect, present these facts to them, and add that many spouses who choose a job outside the home to “help out financially” are really only adding to the tax burden (more money coming in means more for your Uncle Sam) and the financial and emotional (you know how your little one cries when daddy goes to work? Well imagine what will happen when one of you hands him off to the folks at a day care center) costs of running the household. In “Lower Your Taxes Big Time” Sandy Botkin presents a financial breakdown which shows the money that is actually lost when both spouses work, and one of them doesn’t really make very much.

How do you handle this question? Leave a comment.

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