When quitting is the only option

Are You A Quitter? I know I am. When the going gets tough the tough may get going but the niseylee usually gives up and moves on. From academics to relationships, I always assumed that I just was not cut out for the hard stuff.

I think it’s the commitment that sticking with it requires. For example, if you yourself have been hurt in a relationship or you’ve watched your parents engage in a combative and painful relationship- it would make you gun shy wouldn’t it? Definitely not apt to stay in a relationship long enough to get to the part where someone could actually hurt you.

In business, the chronic quitter does not stick around long enough to be placed in a position of authority and responsibility. Guess they are afraid they will “let someone down” or actually have to “show some results”.

So what’s a commitment phobic under achiever who craves success to do anyway? I’m glad you asked:

  1. Define what success means to you (lose weight, earn more, have happy healthy kids etc)
  2. Based on this definition, set some short term ( 1 -12 months) and long term (1-5 years) goals
  3. Accept responsibility for your past actions and their present consequences
  4. Live your life on purpose, nothing is accidental

Let’s face it quitters never win because they just don’t ever finish what they start. So are you a quitter?

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3 thoughts on “When quitting is the only option

  1. I would have to disagree with you in this respect: I don’t think you are a Quitter. Otherwise, how have you continued to post since January of 2008! And how have you produced such a successful blog?! All kidding aside, if we have a tendency to quit, we need to label ourselves Winners. Of course, there are times when it is ok to quit, as a stop loss, if all the advice and factors from respected advisors tell us so. However, most of the time, we need to exert our God given qualities of perseverance, and run the race set before us.

  2. Self definitions can be similar to the phrase, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.

    We see ourselves differently than others because we are looking at ourselves through critical or judgmental vision where most others do not look at us that way.

    I can tell you all day that I do not think your a quitter…but I am not seeing through your eyes what you see in yourself….

    Your thinking or seeing yourself as a quitter goes far deeper than just not finishing a project or pleasing other people.
    Your thoughts about being a quitter just because you did not follow through with med school is a bit off. You did not quit…you chose to not do what you thought what was expected of you.

    High expectations of ourselves because of we feel others want will only result in self-hate, unfulfilled happiness, and an endless search for something that always seems just a hand reach away.

    You must do for you…you are the one that has to sleep at night with what you choose. Never do what you think is expected of you unless you seriously are in agreement with that choice.

  3. Hi Dorothy, it’s a long story that I will tell over time, this is only the first installment. Thank you for your lovely words

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