Home-Based Business Misconceptions

Whandshether you are already in a home-based business/network marketing opportunity or just looking to get started, there are some things you need to know.

  1. When your enroller said that you can make $100,000 in residual income – he/she didn’t mean this month. Which is not to say that you were scammed and will never make that 100K, it’s just not going to happen overnight, so get back down to earth and get to work.
  2. Systems are great, and systems do work, but if

    someone told you that you would “make money in your sleep” because the system will automagically sell your product and enroll new business partners – well…they may have told you a tiny white lie.

    Systems do work, but guess what? You are the main component of the system and you have to make it work. That means prospecting, marketing, advertising, basically investing a lot of time into your business. And no matter what anyone tells you, no business ever works on auto pilot, if it did your inbox wouldn’t be quite so full of emails from “gurus” and “top earners”. And trust me I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just don’t want you to think that there is a business somewhere that someone else works for you!

  3. There is a learning curve. Your first year or so in the business is all about learning and making mistakes. You’ll have highs and you’ll have lows; you’ll hear the word “No” a lot; people will hang up on you and avoid your calls – unfortunately they will continue to do that even after you’ve made your first 100K. The good news is that you can take what you learn and build your current business or you can apply it to your next “big thing”.
  4. There are just some things that are lunacy, and not the consistency you were aiming for.

    When your massive action doesn’t bring massive returns, you’ll probably burn out and quit your business in the first year

    So pace yourself, if you’re going to put out marketing materials, don’t paper 3 WalMart parking lots in one night! Bottom line is, don’t do anything once that you can’t repeat on a weekly basis.

  5. DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB at least not until after your earnings from your business equal your income from your job for several months. While you are still working reinvest your business earnings into the business – you’ll need leads, a small ad in the paper, and advertising co-op etc. This is the single biggest mistake I’ve seen first timers make, so don’t do it.
  6. While it’s good marketing practice to keep your business on the tip of your tongue, don’t push it to all of your friends, all of the time, you’ll end up in the NFL (no friends left). Your friends and family care about you (and are probably wondering what crazy scheme you’ve gotten yourself into now) and if they want to help you out they will. But for the love of Mike, go buy some leads and quit bothering your Mom!

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